2015 Johnny Appleseed Rally Results

OFFICIAL RESULTS: National RoadRally Championship
Event Name: Johnny Appleseed Rally
Event Date: October 17, 2015
Organizing Region: NEOHIO (24)
Type: Regional Tour
Sanction #: 2015 RT 24 02
Course length: 121.754 miles, 5.75 hours
# of Scored Controls: 14
Timing Unit: 0.01 minute

Signature of Event Official certifying results: W. Gregory Lester

Worker Points (#1): Greg Lester, Akron, OH. Chairman/Rallymaster, #108833, NEOHIO Region (Course Championship)
Worker Points (#2): Jack von Kaenel, Belville, NC. Precheck/Safety Steward, #215786, Detroit Region (Course Championship)