Pablo Chois

Continuing with the fitness topic, here are a few other considerations. Weight We spend a lot of money trying to make our cars lighter: wheels, carbon fiber parts, removing trim, lexan windows… but we rarely think about the driver. I remember a few years ago, Joe Foster spent some time talking […]

Lessons learned: fitness part 2

I prefer writing short posts, so I split this one up to make the reading easier. Most people have a good idea on how to become a better driver: seat time,  attacking corners, braking techniques, dealing with traffic, car modifications, knowing every rule (and how to beat them), but I think […]

Lessons learned: fitness part 1

If you’re a car enthusiast that participates or is thinking about participating in autox or track days, at some point you’ve heard the term “heel & toe”. If you have mastered this technique, great job! If you don’t know what it is or want some tips that can help you […]

Lessons learned: heel & toe