Hall of Fame

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NEOHIO Region has a rich history of our members bringing honor to the region and/or contributing to the greater good of SCCA racing. Based on that history, the NEOHIO leadership has decided to create a Hall of Fame honoring NEOHIO members. The Hall of Fame class will be inducted at the NEOHIO annual banquet.

Nominations to honor those who contributed to the region through their volunteer work or who brought honor to the region for their accomplishments can be made throughout the year. Nominees can be any member that has served or brought the NEOHIO Region to where it is today. Current membership is not required to be considered. Members should send nomination letters (email accepted) along with an SCCA bio of the individual to Hall of Fame Chairperson.

The Hall of Fame committee will review the nominations and narrow down the number of potential inductees based on the criteria, the nomination letter and the bio. In subsequent years, the final determination will be done by Hall of Fame members and the committee. The nomination deadline is October 31 of each year.

Criteria for Consideration

• Major contributions to the NEOHIO Region or SCCA while a NEOHIO member.
• Substantial amount of time as a NEOHIO member.
• Honor brought to the NEOHIO Region through accomplishments on the national or professional level.