We raced right up to the cold and bitter[sweet] end. Cold tires on cold pavement made for some slippery action. That thankfully subsided after a few runs put a little heat in the rubber, but that slalom finish was punishing no matter how warm your tires were! Thanks to everyone […]

Solo Event #8 2018 – Results

Cold and wet, and only a few spin-outs in the back sweeper this time. But that didn’t stop you from bringing in 91 cans for our Food Drive efforts! Ro Janssen was our top donator with 20 cans, and went home with a NEOHIO embroidered jacket as thanks. Next event […]

Solo Event #6 2018 – Results

Perfect weather on a perfect afternoon! Vet Motorsports joined us this day with two drivers plus Mr. Cline himself, and an attendee from the National Lotus Convention showed us how it’s done in his beautiful Bordeaux Red Elise. If you liked the later start, please send us a note letting […]

Solo Event #5 2018 – Results

It was a HOT day without the Captain’s Club to save us, but we survived and the new timing lights and display worked fantastically! Congratulations to everyone who fought those switchbacks and lived to tell the tale. Next event is August 12th. NOTICE: The start time will be later than […]

Solo Event #4 2018 – Results