Apologies for the delay, but at long last the results are here! Next event is June 24th. Register here if you haven’t already. You can also sign up for volunteer work here. Anyone who signs up for a core work assignment gets a $5 credit to a future event and an extra […]

Solo Event #2 2018 – Results

I think it’s safe to say there wasn’t a dull moment at this event. Thank you everyone for being helpful and flexible. Support like that is how we keep the number of runs high! Next event is June 3rd. Register here if you haven’t already. You can also sign up for […]

Solo Event #1 2018 – Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in NEOHIO’s Solo Season this year. Below are your class trophy winners! The NEOHIO Awards Banquet will be held on February 17th, 2018. We will present the year end trophies then, and reveal who earned the Cone Killer and Solo Spirit awards. Street Classes Driver […]

Solo Season Results – 2017

A nice end to the Solo Season! Despite this being October, it was a warm and sunny day with green stuff on all the trees! Not too hot, not too cool. Perfect for some autocross. Our decoration contest yielded 5 participants. Trophies went to the Lotus Lotus, the Blue Shark, […]

Solo Event #7 2017 – Results

It was a blazing hot day, but a fun-filled event. A lower turnout than usual meant we split into 3 heats and gave everyone 10 runs. Guest course designer Haans gave us a fast and furious, speed-carrying 40 second course with a wicked slalom at the finish. He’s been asked […]

Solo Event #6 2017 – Results

[Updated to reflect sixth event results.] With our fifth event behind us, we’re now over ⅔ of the way through the season. It’s now time to post the points standings thus far. To qualify for points, you must attend at least ⅔ of the events in a given class. The people […]

Solo Season Standings