Region Championship Points

We have restructured the points system to have groups of classes versus each class this year for end of year awards. You do not have to submit points at the end of the year as you have in the past. NEOHIO will track them during the year. Each month points will be posted here, in the Blower, and on Facebook. If you see a discrepancy in the points please contact Debbie LaFond for correction. The points schedule is below the points standings.

How to use this chart

The chart below is responsive, searchable, filterable, sortable, and configurable. Some columns will be hidden on smaller screens. To view the information from those columns, click the “+” next to the class. You can also click on the eye at the top of the chart to toggle visibility for the columns of your choice. Use the search field at the top to find specific information or the filters at the bottom of each column to narrow the selection.┬áRefreshing the page will revert to the default view.

Class Groupings

  • STL, STU, B-Spec
  • EP, FP, HP, GTL
  • ASR, P1, P2
  • SRF, SRF3
  • T1, T2, T3, T4
  • FA, FB, FC, FE
  • FV, FF, F5, FM, FS, FST
  • GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, SP

Points Schedule

Points25 pts21 pts18 pts17 pts16 pts15 pts14 pts13 pts12 pts11 pts10 pts9 pts8 pts7 pts6 pts5 pts4 pts3 pts2 pts1 pt