Solo Season Standings

[Updated to reflect sixth event results.]

With our fifth event behind us, we’re now over ⅔ of the way through the season. It’s now time to post the points standings thus far. To qualify for points, you must attend at least ⅔ of the events in a given class. The people who currently qualify for season points consideration are:

Season Leaders
DriverClassCurrent Points
Ed DaleAS45
Evan SmithBS45
David ThumDS45
Betsy McIntyreDS22
Brian EstanekGS32
Haans PetruschkeHS42

Those who have a chance to qualify are:

Needing one more event…
DriverClassCurrent Points
Kerianne SidotiBSL36
Alex SalimianDS16
Brian WetrichES30
Thomas EmelkoFS28
Jason PokinesGS27
Michael WybanSTF30
Michael OswaltSTX30
Preston LappingASP36

As a reminder, those who compete unopposed in their class will be re-grouped at the Solo Chairperson’s discretion and ranked by PAX. Season standings will be updated after each remaining event for the season.

Good luck to everyone!