Solo Rules

Neohio’s COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for 2021 (last updated 6/17/2021)

At this point, all prior precautions, restrictions, and guidelines have been lifted at both the state and county level. Those who are not vaccinated are still strongly urged to wear a mask. Thank you to everyone for doing your part to get us through this.

Official Rules from SCCA

The rules coming down from HQ in Topeka are always getting updated, so check on the official rules page for the latest and greatest. The highly simplified, easiest answer for most of your questions are:

  • Yes, you need a helmet. We have loaners, but you should eventually get one that’s Snell certified.
  • No, you don’t need a roll cage. Fully stock daily-driven cars on all-season tires are totally fine, so long as it’s not taller than it is wide.
  • If your car is stock, you’re probably in the Street category (A Street, B Street, etc.) – check Appendix A for your car’s specific class.
  • If you’ve modded your car, don’t have super sticky tires (you’d know if you do), don’t want to dive into the rules and just want to try this sport out, use the XSA (Extreme Street A) class when registering.
  • Yes, more than one person can compete per car, but you need to register separately, with unique numbers (that’s how we tell you apart).
  • Yes, you can bring friends/family to watch. If they’re over 18, they can ride with you (for free, without registering). They will need to sign special waivers, etc. Talk to us at the trailer. Under 18 is a bit more complicated for legal and insurance reasons. Check SCCA’s rule page (linked above) for more details.
  • Check this page for more handy info.
  • Anything else, just ask: .

Neohio Awards Points

The NEOHIO Region Solo Series will be known as “The NEOHIO SCCA Solo Series”. Class championship year-end awards will be presented as follows:

Classes are defined in the current National Solo Rule Book. Additionally, division or region level classes as published in the SCCA SportsCar magazine and/or the NEOHIO Region’s newsletter, or event supplemental regulations.

Class championship points will be awarded based on official results as follows:

Finishing PositionPoints

Class championship trophies shall be awarded to eligible NEOHIO Region members based on the highest points earned in 2/3 of the events. For example, if NEOHIO has six points events the top four scoring events will be used to determine the points for the season. If NEOHIO has an odd number of events, the number of awarded events will be rounded up. For example, if NEOHIO runs seven points events, five events will be used to determine points for the season.

Must be a NEOHIO Region member before the start of the final points event of the season.

Anyone who joins before the start of the final points event of the season will receive points for events run during the season as a non-member. Proof of membership must be submitted to the Solo Chairman or their designee. Anyone who joins after the start of the final event of the season will receive points only for events run after joining. If the final event of the season should be cancelled, points will not be awarded to non-members unless proof of NEOHIO Region membership is presented to the Solo Chairman showing valid membership before the day of the cancelled final event. Proof of membership must be presented within two weeks after the scheduled date of the cancelled event. Proof of membership is a valid SCCA membership card indicated NEOHIO as your region. Dual region membership is allowed.

New for 2017: If you run unopposed in your class, meaning you are the only driver in your class who participated in the minimum number of events required (2/3) to be considered for points, then you will be combined with other unopposed classes and ranked by PAX score. Specific groupings for this PAX score based reclassing will be at the Solo Chairperson’s discretion.

Ties for year-end points will be broken on the basis of quality of finishes in the members events used to decide year end points, i.e. most number of firsts, most number of seconds, etc. Any remaining ties for year-end class championship points will be broken by comparing the cumulative PAX scored finishes at the points events in which the tied competitors competed together.

Members must qualify their points by completing their work assignments at events.

It will be the responsibility of the Solo Chairman and/or a designated representative to publish the class points standings toward year-end class points totals twice a year in The Blower and/or the region web site. At a minimum, the first posting will be after the fourth points event. The second posting will be after the last points event of the season, but before the Annual Meeting/Awards Banquet. Year-end awards will not be awarded unless the region conducts a minimum of 3 points events.

Solo Spirit Award will be presented to the individual that did not win a year-end class award, but showed the most enthusiasm, helpfulness, and spirit, and exemplifies what all Solo competitors should be like. This award will be chosen by the Solo Chair(s) after the final points event of the season, but before the Annual Meeting/Awards Banquet.


Sorry, but NEOHIO does not have any kart classes available at this time, as we have no Safety Stewards trained in the special rules for them.