Events Schedule

Timing your actions. Knowing your position. Planning your entry.

When you know what’s coming, you perform better. With that in mind, we present you with the 2021 NEOHIO Solo Schedule, giving you a chance to “walk the course” of our events. This schedule is a work in progress, so check here often as we fill out our season.

How has Covid-19 affected our program?

We’ve made quite a few cuts and changes to keep everyone, drivers and volunteers alike, as safe as possible. At the core, you’re still going to get behind the wheel and get your blood pumping. Please review our Covid Policy page prior to attending any event for details.

DateEvent TypeStatusLocation
May 2 (Sunday)Event #1Confirmed. Registration open now.Eastlake
May 23 (Sunday)Event #2Confirmed.Eastlake
June 26 (Saturday)Event #3Confirmed.Eastlake
July 11 (Sunday)Event #4Confirmed.Eastlake
July 31 (Saturday)Event #5Confirmed.Eastlake
August 21 (Saturday)Starting Line SchoolTentative.Eastlake
August 22 (Sunday)Event #6Confirmed.Eastlake
September 4 (Saturday)Event #7Confirmed.Eastlake
TBD!Bonus Event!Tentative!Not Eastlake!
October 10 (Sunday)Event #8
Season Finale!