Events Schedule

Timing your actions. Knowing your position. Planning your entry.

When you know what’s coming, you perform better. With that in mind, we present you with the 2019 NEOHIO Solo Schedule, giving you a chance to “walk the course” of our events. This schedule is a work in progress, so check here often as we fill out our season.

DateEvent TypeStatusLocation
April 27 (Saturday)Spring TrainingConfirmedEastlake
April 28 (Sunday)Points Event #1ConfirmedEastlake
May 25 (Saturday) Points Event #2ConfirmedEastlake
June 30 (Sunday) Points EventDropped
July 13 (Saturday) Points Event #3ConfirmedEastlake
August 4 (Sunday) Points Event #4TentativeEastlake
September 7 (Saturday) Points Event #5TentativeEastlake
September 29 (Sunday) Points Event #6TentativeEastlake
October 19 (Saturday) Points Event #7
(Season Finale!)