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April 24, 2020

2020 Tire Rack Solo Nationals Run Days Assigned

2020 Tire Rack Solo Nationals Run Days Assigned

As has become tradition, the Solo Department released an initial version of the 2020 Tire Rack Solo Nationals Run Days just a few short weeks ago with the intention that event data collected  through the traditional Spring Nationals date would drive the placement of the remaining classes.

Now that it has become clear that event data will not arrive early enough to be relevant to posting the schedule in a timely manner, the Solo Department has used the best available information, including past history and intrinsic knowledge, to complete the schedule.

The posting of run days now allows competitors to both begin making their plans and give the field at the largest motorsports event in the world a small sliver of positive thoughts to look forward to.

The full run day schedule can be found here.

More information, including the opening of registration, will continue to be released and posted as it becomes available.

Complete information on the 2020 Tire Rack Solo Nationals can be found on the event page here.

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