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The name of this organization is NEOHIO Region, Inc. of Sports Car Club of America.


The primary purpose of this organization is to promote interest in sports cars and to encourage their safe and skillful operation in friendly competition. NEOHIO Region, Inc. (NEOHIO) will accomplish its purpose by arranging and regulating closed circuit road racing events, rally events, autocross (Solo) events, exhibitions, and other forms of automotive competition in conformity with regulations set forth by Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). It is also the purpose of NEOHIO to encourage safe and sportsmanlike conduct throughout and during these events.


  1. Qualifications
    Membership is open to all persons who are genuinely interested in furthering the purpose of this organization. Membership in NEOHIO is restricted to those persons holding a membership in SCCA. Membership is only available through and in conjunction with membership in the national organization (SCCA).
  2. Dues
    Dues are payable on an annual basis, per renewal notices sent by SCCA. Regional dues are incorporated into the national membership by SCCA. The Board of Trustees of NEOHIO (Board) is responsible for setting reasonable Regional membership dues. The Board may adjust Regional dues at its discretion to meet the Region’s financial obligations. Annual membership dues are payable on the member’s anniversary date as established with SCCA. Regional dues are payable in conjunction with the national dues. Membership becomes active upon approval by SCCA. If for any reason SCCA rejects an applicant, NEOHIO will also reject the applicant. Membership categories coincide with those established by SCCA.
  3. Membership Year
    Membership in NEOHIO is for the same period as the membership period for SCCA, which is one year from the date of initial membership.
  4. Termination, Suspension, and Reinstatement
    a. A member may resign by letter addressed to the SCCA. Resignation from SCCA and NEOHIO will be effective upon receipt of such letter.
    b. Membership automatically lapses for non-payment of dues. Membership will be reinstated upon payment of dues to SCCA.
    c. The membership of any member indebted to SCCA, NEOHIO, or to any SCCA region and delinquent for more than sixty (60) days will automatically lapse. The member in delinquency will then forfeit all dues and fees already paid.
    d. The Board may suspend a member at any time for infraction of any Regional rule or for any other cause if the Board deems it to be in the best interest of SCCA or NEOHIO. The Board must give the member a reasonable opportunity to be heard by it or by an appointed committee, in person or through a representative, before taking such action, unless it deems it imperative to suspend the member before it can hold a hearing. The Board must immediately notify the suspended member in writing of the suspension. The suspended member is entitled to a reasonable opportunity to be heard, in person or through a representative, by the Board of Directors (BOD) of the SCCA or a committee appointed by it concerning the suspension. The BOD may then continue the suspension for a definite term, terminate, or rescind the suspension, or expel the member. The decision of the BOD is final.


  1. Officers
    The officers of this organization are as follows:

    • President (hereinafter referred to as the Regional Executive or RE)
    • Vice President (hereinafter referred to as the Assistant Regional Executive or Asst. RE)
    • Recording Secretary
    • Membership Secretary
    • Treasurer
  2. Qualifications
    Only persons who have been members of NEOHIO for at least one year and are, or have been, a Trustee, officer, event chairperson, or permanent committee member of the Region are eligible for the office of RE. Any member in good standing is eligible for the office of Asst. RE, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, or Treasurer.
  3. Nomination, Election, and Term of Office
    Nominations for office will open at the second meeting of the members prior to the Annual Meeting, and will close at the conclusion of the meeting of the members prior to the Annual Meeting. At the meeting of the members prior to the Annual Meeting, the RE will appoint a Chairperson for a Special Election Committee to serve until the election is concluded. The Chairperson may appoint as many members to the Special Election Committee as deemed necessary to properly conduct the election. The Election Committee will receive ballots, verify validity of all ballots, count votes, and declare the results of the election in accordance with the election procedures as set forth in the official bylaws. Ballots will be accepted, verified, and counted by the Election Committee at the Annual Meeting. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for an office will be declared elected. In the event of a tie, a second written ballot will occur of the members present at the Annual Meeting. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes will be declared elected. The Chairperson of the Election Committee will retain all ballots until the close of the next regular meeting of the members following the annual meeting, after which the ballots will be destroyed. The RE will not be eligible for more than two consecutive terms in the same office. If filling vacancies for unexpired terms, an officer who has served more than half of a term is considered to have served a full term in that office.
  4. Duties of Officers
    a) Regional Executive:
    The RE will perform the following duties:

    • Preside at meetings of the members.
    • Sign the records of all member meetings.
    • Represent NEOHIO at meetings of, or in dealings with, SCCA.
    • Perform all duties usually performed by Presidents of like corporations.
    • Perform such other duties as required by the members or Board.
    • The immediate outgoing RE will serve on the Board for one year.

    b) Assistant Regional Executive:
    The Asst. RE will perform the following duties:

    • Assist the RE in performing tasks required to ensure that the mission and goals of the Region are met.
    • Perform all the duties of the RE in the case of the absences, death, or disability of the RE. In case both the RE and Asst. RE are absent or unable to perform their duties, the Trustees may appoint a Regional Executive Pro Tempore.
    • Term to be one year

    c) Recording Secretary:
    The Recording Secretary will perform the following duties:

    • Keep minutes of all meetings of the members and trustees.
    • Make proper record of each meeting.
    • Act as custodian of the official copy of this Constitution and Bylaws of the Region.
    • Act as custodian of all official documents and records of NEOHIO.
    • Perform such duties as requested by the members or Board.
    • Term to be one year

    d) Membership Secretary:
    The Membership Secretary will perform the following duties:

    • Maintain the Region’s membership records, as provided by SCCA National office.
    • Provide regularly updated mailing lists for newsletter mailings, annual elections, and any other event requiring membership notification.
    • Respond to requests for membership information and do so in the most appropriate method necessary to answer the requester’s questions.
    • The Membership Secretary must forward dues received from the SCCA National office to the Treasurer, as well as any other dues for dual membership in the Region.
    • The Membership Secretary is the only person empowered to make changes in, or deletions from, the mailing lists.
    • Term to be one year

    e) Treasurer:
    The Treasurer will perform the following duties:

    • Receive, manage, record, and disburse all monies belonging to the Region.
    • Submit a statement of accounts to the Board for their approval at the regular Board meetings.
    • Checks drawn again the Region’s accounts must be signed by two officers.
    • An internal annual audit of the Region’s books will occur within one month of the end of each fiscal year. A Committee of at least three people, not including the Treasurer, must conduct the audit. The Committee must include as least one member in good standing who does not hold an office within the Region.
    • Upon expiration of the term of office, the Treasurer will turn over all records, moneys, and property of the Region. The annual internal audit will be considered the final audit of the Treasurer’s term.
    • Term to be one year
  5. Vacancies & Absences
    The Board will appoint a member in good standing to any office, other than RE, vacated for any reason, including death or disability. If the duly elected RE cannot fulfill the term, the Asst. RE will automatically become RE. The position of Asst. RE will be filled by appointment of the Board. If a Trustee or Officer is absent without excuse for three consecutive meetings, the remaining members of the Board may terminate the absentee from office and appoint a member in good standing to complete the term of the affected position(s).


  1. Number
    The Board of Trustees is composed of nine (9) elected members. All elected Trustees will serve a three-year term. The group of nine Trustees is divided into three groups of three in order to stagger the number of Trustees elected in a given year. Each year, three Trustees will be elected; thus, each new Board will provide consistency by retaining six Trustees from previous years.
  2. Qualifications
    All Trustees must be regular members and be carried on the rolls of the Sports Car Club of America as having NEOHIO as their region of record.
  3. Election of Trustees
    The election of Trustees will take place at the Annual Meeting of the members and in the same manner as the election of Officers and ties will be broken in the same manner as for Officers.
  4. Powers and Duties of Trustees
    The Board of Trustees must carry out the policies and purposes of the Region and will have general charge of the affairs, property, and assets of the Region. The membership delegates to the Board the authority to; adopt and enact those policies consistent with the Charter or Constitution that are deemed by the Board essential to the common and best interest of the membership.
  5. Meetings of the Trustees
    The Board of Trustees will meet on a regular basis at a time and place determined by the members of the Board. All meetings, regular or special, must be recorded and state the time, place, and purpose of the meeting. No member of the Board can give to another Board member the power to vote in his stead.
  6. Chairperson of the Board
    At the first meeting of the Board of Trustees after the annual elections, the members of the Board will elect a Chairperson.


  1. Annual Meeting
    An annual meeting will take place on the third Tuesday of November each year. The Board of Trustees will determine where and at what time the meeting will occur.
  2. Special Meetings
    Special meetings of the members may be called by the following:

    • Regional Executive
    • Asst. RE in case of the absence, death, or disability of the RE
    • Board of Trustees by a majority vote without a meeting
    • Written request by at least 10 percent (10%) of the membership
  3. Notice of Meetings
    Notice of all meetings must be given not less than fourteen (14) days or more than thirty-five (35) days before the date of such meeting to each member by mail or email at their last known contact. Each notice must state the time, place, and purpose of the meeting.
  4. Voting and Proxies
    Each member is entitled to one vote on each matter properly submitted to the members for their vote, consent, waiver, release, or other action. Except for the election of officers and trustees, any member may assign proxy to another NEOHIO member to vote or attend meetings in their place.
  5. Quorum
    The members present at any meeting, either in person or by proxy, constitute a quorum.



  1. Approval and Confirmation
    All appointments to the following are subject to the approval of and confirmation by the Board of Trustees.

    • All Boards and Committees
    • Committee Chairperson
    • Event Chairperson Appointments to the Rally Board and Competition Board must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval at the January Trustee’s meeting.
  2. Standing Boards
    Competition Board: The Competition Board is responsible for planning, executing, and completing all NEOHIO road races and other competitive events, except rally and solo events, subject to the approval of the Board. The Competition Board comprised of representatives of the members (competitive and non-competitive) and chaired by a Board member selected by the Board, must do the following:

    • Establish standards and practices for competitive events, including supplemental rules for each event
    • Appoint chairpersons to conduct each event

    Rally Board: The Rally Board is responsible for conducting all NEOHIO rallies, subject to approval by the Board. The Rally Board must do the following:

    • Establish standards and practices for Rally Events
    • Appoint Chairpersons to conduct each event

    Solo Board: The Solo Board is responsible for conducting all NEOHIO Solo events, subject to approval by the Board. The Solo Board must do the following:

    • Establish standards and practices for Solo events
    • Appoint Chairpersons to conduct each event

    Special Committees: The RE may appoint a Chairperson and as many members as deemed necessary to serve on any Special Committee, subject to the approval of the Board.

    Specialty Chiefs: The RE may appoint Specialty Chiefs, per the SCCA General Competition Rules (CGR), subject to approval of the Board.


Unless this regulation is suspended by a majority vote of the members present at any meeting of the members, the order of business at all members’ meetings shall be as follows:

  1. Reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting, whether the membership at large or the Board
  2. Reading of reports and statements of Officers, Trustees, and Committees
  3. Unfinished business
  4. Election of Trustees if in order at the meeting in question
  5. Election of Officers if in order at the meeting in question
  6. New or miscellaneous business


The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order will prevail at all meetings of the members, Board, Standing Boards, and Committees unless set aside in a special instance by majority vote of the group concerned or as provided for in this constitution.


This Constitution may be amended, supplemented, or replaced in any of the following ways:

All proposed amendments must be delivered to the membership at large at least fourteen (14) days, but no more than thirty-five (35) days, before the meeting at which a vote on the amendment is to occur.


The bylaws that follow may be adopted, amended, supplemented, or repealed by a majority vote of the members at large or the Board at any meeting, such Bylaw having been previously presented to the membership in writing at least fourteen (14) days and no more than thirty five (35) days before the meeting at which the matter is to be voted upon.

Originally Adopted: March 1, 1965

Amended: November 20, 1973

Amended: January 18, 1983

Amended: February 16, 1988

Amended: November 15, 1988

Amended: November 15, 1994

Amended: (Date unknown) – to remove Cuyahoga County annual meeting requirement.



  1. Use of the Regional Emblem for any purpose must be approved by the Board.
  2. No money shall be solicited in the name of NEOHIO Region, Inc., SCCA without approval of the Board
  3. [Deleted February 16, 1988 – incorporated into Constitution Article IV, Section 4, Paragraph (d)]
  4. Annual Membership dues for NEOHIO Region, Inc. SCCA shall be the following: Regular members $15.00 Spouse members $5.00 Family memberships will be in accordance with the SCCA National Family Membership Plan. Transfer and Dual Members shall be bound by the above. [Adopted 1965; Revised Sept. 1, 1981; Revised Feb. 16, 1988; Revised Nov. 1, 1995] Revised Nov. 2000
  5. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1981-2]
  6. Dual membership in NEOHIO Region entitles the member to all privileges and benefits of Regular membership EXCEPT voting, holding office, and chairing events. The Treasurer shall be charged with informing and updating the Membership Secretary. This list shall be kept separate from the Regular membership list [January 5, 1982] [Corrected to reflect Constitution Changes, November 15, 1994]
  7. All rights and privileges, available to full members, either expressed or implied by these Bylaws and the Constitution shall be unavailable to Dual Members, except as expressly stated within these Bylaws. Specifically, Dual Members may NOT cast a vote during any official balloting, may NOT act as Chairman or CoChairman on any committee, event, or assembly held under the auspices of the Region. Dual Members shall be entitled to a subscription to the Regional publication and will be eligible for the regular members’ rate when attending any regional function. They will be permitted to assist at any Regional event so long as such participation is not excluded under National Regulations. They will be invited to attend all regular Regional meetings, social events, and competitions. The Membership Secretary shall maintain a list of Dual Members separate and apart from the list of Regular members. [January 5, 1982] [Corrected to reflect Constitution changes November 15, 1994] –
  8. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as a Standing Regulation 1980-1]
  9. All members in good standing shall be entitled to the BLOWER or any other regional publications. Members wishing to be removed from the mailing list shall present written request to this effect to the Membership Secretary. However, under no circumstances shall any name be removed from the list of members in good standing when notices are mailed pertinent to Annual Meetings, Election, and Special Meetings of members, cancellations or changes of meeting places. [January 5, 1982] [Corrected to reflect Constitution Changes, November 15, 1994]
  10. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1982-1]
  11. The BLOWER shall be mailed to any member who enters the United States Armed Forces for the tenure of his service, provided that he is in good standing at the time of his induction. [January 5, 1982]
  12. Non-members may subscribe to the BLOWER at $6.00 per year. Free copies of the BLOWER shall be mailed to National Club personnel, Area Directors, related personnel in Great Lakes Division, and the news media at the discretion of the Membership Secretary. Mailing list to other regions may be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, a record to be kept by the Membership Secretary. [January 5, 1982] [Corrected to reflect Constitution Changes, November 15, 1994. New members will receive one hard copy and notified if they have an email address will received electronic format notification going forward. If no email available they will continue to get a hard copy mailed.
  13. Before a member can be nominated to an elective office, the nominator must obtain and present to the officers, the written consent of the nominee. [January 5, 1982]
  14. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1982-2]
  15. There is to be no utilization of checking accounts or savings accounts in the name of the Region or in the name of any member of the Region to be utilized for the purpose of receiving or disbursing funds for any activities of the Region without specific approval of the Board. Disbursements and receipts of any activities are subject to the direct control of the NEOHIO Region Treasurer. [October 3, 1978]
  16. The Treasurer’s books of the NEOHIO Region, Inc. SCCA shall be audited at the end of year by three (3) persons appointed at the time by the Board of Trustees. Such audit shall be completed by January 31 of the following year. [December 7, 1976]
  17. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1978-1]
  18. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1980-2]
  19. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1981-1]
  20. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1982-3]
  21. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as a part of Standing Regulation 1994-1]
  22. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as a part of Standing Regulation 1994-1]
  23. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as a part of Standing Regulation 1994-1]
  24. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as a part of Standing Regulation 1994-1]
  25. All legislation intended for the status “BYLAW” must be referred to as such at the time of presentation and so recorded in the official minutes. [January 5, 1982]
  26. Results of the Annual Election are to be posted for the members to review at the Annual Meeting the night of the election. [January 5, 1982]
  27. Both the nominator and nominee for any elected office must be members in good standing of the NEOHIO Region, Inc. of the Sports Car Club of America at the time the nomination is submitted, and if the nominee is a dual member then he or she must have NEOHIO as their Region of Record. [October 25, 1983]
  28. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Trustees the next runner-up for the office of Trustee shall be appointed providing that the runner-up received at least 10% of the ballots cast. [January 4, 1983]
  29. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1983-1]
  30. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1984-1]
  31. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1986-1]
  32. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1986-2]
  33. Procedures for the Annual Election. Nominations will be held as specified in the Regional Constitution. Ballots for the election shall list the qualified candidates in groupings according to the office for which they are nominated and in alphabetical order within those groupings. A place on the ballot next to each name shall be provided for the purpose of indicating the member’s choice. The words “Vote for not more than three” shall appear with the group of election of Trustees, and the words “Vote for one only” shall appear with all other groupings of nominees. A space to write-in a name shall be provided with each grouping. No identification of member voting shall appear on the ballot itself. Within ten (10) days after the close of nominations, a designee shall post the ballot online for members to vote, whose Region of Record is NEOHIO Region, Inc. A paper ballot can be mailed to those that request one. On-line ballots will close at noon (Eastern time) the day of the Annual Meeting. Paper ballots may be returned by mail to the Election Committee or presented in person at the Annual Meeting. Paper ballots will not be accepted more than one (1) hour after the time officially scheduled for the opening of the Annual Meeting. Any ballots, paper or on-line, which contain votes for more than the prescribed number o candidates, or other irregularities as determined by the Chairman of the Election Committee shall not be counted. The results of the election shall be presented by the Chairman to the Regional Executive, who will immediately announce the results and post them in a clearly visible place. The results so presented are unofficial, pending certification by the Board of Trustees at their next regular meeting. The Chairman of the Election Committee shall present the results of the election to the Board of Trustees at their next regular meeting. The Board shall examine the results and shall vote to certify the election is valid. If the majority vote is affirmative, the elected officials assume their respective offices at that time. If the majority vote is negative, a special election must be held at the next meeting of the members, after adequate notice is provided the members of such a meeting. [Adopted September, 2007, Corrected to reflect Constitution Changes, November 15, 1994, Adopted Oct. 2006]
  34. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as Standing Regulation 1988-1]
    • 34A. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as a part of Standing Regulation 1994-1]
  35. The Past Assistant Regional Executive is to be a permanent member of the Competition Board for one year. [December 5, 1989]
  36. Proposed Amendments to the Constitution must not be abbreviated on the voting ballot and/or the Regional publication. [December 5, 1989]
  37. Members of the Election Committee should not have any conflict of interest with candidates. [December 4, 1990]
  38. [Deleted September 6, 1994 – adopted as a part of Standing Regulation 1994-1]
  39. The term of Regional Executive will be 2 years, beginning in 2003. [November 20, 2001]


These regulations are in force subject to provisions contained in the Constitution and/or Bylaws of the Corporation, such Constitution and/or Bylaws taking precedence.

Regulation 1978 -1

All requests for Stewards’ appointments to NEOHIO Region, Inc., SCCA events must be submitted to and approved by the Board of Trustees prior to submission to the Great Lakes Division Officials. [Originally adopted on November 14, 1978 as Bylaw # 17]

Regulation 1980-1

Membership tabs shall be awarded at the Annual Banquet to all members in good standing at the end of their fifth (5th) year and every five year increment thereafter, such members having reached such periods of longevity during the year preceding each Annual Banquet and being a current member at the year-end membership report. Tabs are to be purchased by the Region. [Originally adopted on October 7, 1980 as Bylaw # 8] – amended 2007

Regulation 1980-2

Any member of NEOHIO Region, Inc. SCCA traveling on special business trip for the Region in excess of fifty (50) miles, with the approval of the Board, shall be paid IRS approved mileage rates, per diem as approved by the Board, and registration fees where applicable, upon presentation of bills to the Board. [Originally adopted on November 9, 1976; amended December 1, 1980 as Bylaw # 18] – amended 2002

Regulation 1981-1

No business meetings will be called, emergency or otherwise, at special events, especially the Competition Clinic. This includes the banquet, Christmas party, etc. [Originally adopted on April 7, 1981 as Bylaw # 19]

Regulation 1981-2

New members shall receive a copy of the NEOHIO Constitution and Bylaws, current Roster, and any such other items available from the Membership Secretary. [Originally adopted on November 3, 1981 as Bylaw # 5]

Regulation 1982-1

The Regional Executive or their delegate shall review Blower articles prior to publication. [Originally adopted on January 5, 1982 as Bylaw # 10]

Regulation 1982-2

Event Chairmen must submit a proposed budget for approval by the Board of Trustees prior to the event and a final financial report within a reasonable length of time following such event. [Originally adopted on January 5, 1982 as Bylaw # 14]

Regulation 1982-3

The Competition Board Chairman NEOHIO Region, Inc. SCCA shall be considered for appointment as a member of any negotiating committee to represent NEOHIO Region in contractual negotiations with any race course. [Originally adopted on January 5, 1982 as Bylaw # 20]

Regulation 1983-1

A medallion of Bill Benham shall be a part of the trophies awarded at the annual NEOHIO Bill Benham Memorial National Race event. [Originally adopted on April 5, 1983 by Bylaw # 29]

Regulation 1984-1

At the discretion of the Regional Executive, in the event of the death of a NEOHIO member, a donation not to exceed $50.00 will be made in the name of the deceased by NEOHIO to (1) a charity of the survivor’s choosing or (2) to the surviving family. [Originally adopted on November 6, 1984 as Bylaw # 30]

Regulation 1986-1

An Ed Meyers memorial trophy shall be awarded at each GT-1 race held by NEOHIO in perpetuity. [Originally adopted on August 5, 1986 as Bylaw # 31]

Regulation 1986-2

The title of the National race event commemorating Bill Beham shall be the “___ Annual Bill Benham Memorial National Race.” [Originally adopted on {date uncertain} as Bylaw # 32]

Regulation 1988-1

NEOHIO Region shall send a representative, approved by the Board of Trustees to the National Convention with a budget voted upon annually. [Originally adopted on December 6, 1988 as Bylaw # 34]

Regulation 1994-1

ANNUAL AWARDS: The following awards are to be considered annually by the Board of Trustees or as indicated below, such awards to be appropriately presented at the annual awards banquet:

THE THOMAS PRESCOTT MEMORIAL AWARD: The Thomas Prescott Memorial Award (instituted by Michael and Judy Sherwin as a perpetual trophy) shall be presented yearly at the Annual Banquet to the Competition Driver from NEOHIO Region, designated by the Board of Trustees, who most exemplifies the individual competition spirit of amateur SCCA racing and shall be awarded to an otherwise unheralded Competition Driver whose individual efforts, competitive spirit and desire to win have characterized his/her racing season. A Keeper Trophy shall be purchased by the Region. [Originally adopted on December 1, 1971 as Bylaw # 21]

THE NEOHIO TRUSTEES AWARD: is a permanent annual trophy for the member who contributed to the Region above and beyond the call of duty. This trophy is not to be a drivers’ trophy. The Trustees are to award this trophy each year. [Originally adopted on February 2, 1970; amended 1978 as Bylaw # 22]

THE SCARPUCCI PERPETUAL AWARD: and suitable permanent trophy shall be awarded at the Annual Banquet or other formal occasion yearly, according to the purpose and terms of Resolution adopted by the Rally Board and Board of Trustees. This award is symbolized by a perpetual trophy, with a replica for the recipient’s permanent possession, to be presented each year at the Annual Banquet of the NEOHIO Region, Sports Car Club of America, to the man or woman who, during the previous year, has contributed outstandingly to the success of the region’s rally program and of rallying in general. [Originally adopted on January, 1967 as Bylaw # 23] – Perpetual trophy has been misplaced

THE BETTY AND ROXY KINCAID SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Similar in design to the Driver of the Year Perpetual trophy, the Betty and Roxy Kincaid Sportsmanship Award shall be presented at the Annual Banquet to a person selected by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the terms set forth in the letter on file in the Recording Secretary’s books. The letter reads as follows: “Webster’s Fifth Edition dictionary describes sportsmanship as ‘skill in or devotion to sports, conduct becoming to a sportsman involving honest rivalry and graceful acceptance of results.’ The above guidelines rules out a popularity contest as the award must be won and awarded according to the above rules. Once the Board has made its selection as to who is to receive the award, the reason for their selection is to be made known upon the presentation of the award. If at any time the Board feels there are no qualified personnel to receive the award, it may be retired for that year. However, I would charge the R.E. with the custody of the award until the following year.” [Originally adopted on February, 1968 as Bylaw #24]

R.E. AWARD: The Regional Executive is allowed, at his/her discretion, to award at the Annual Banquet an “R.E.’s Award(s)” for assistance to the Regional Executive in the performance of his/her duties. [Originally adopted on December 5, 1989 as an unspecified Bylaw, later referred to as Bylaw # 34A]

DRIVER OF THE YEAR AWARD: The Driver of the Year Award will be considered by the Board as the driver that earns and submits the greatest total number of Regional and National points from any recognized SCCA Division. Also contributions to the Region, SCCA, and the community by the driver may be considered. Ties in points shall be decided by the number of Firsts, then Seconds, then Thirds, etc. until all possibilities are exhausted. Final ties to be broken by the total number of cars raced against on his/her particular class. The driver must have NEOHIO Region listed as his/her Region of Record before the third National event is conducted in Great Lakes Division. [Originally adopted on May 5, 1992 as Bylaw #38, amended 2004]

SOLO SPIRIT AWARD: The Solo Spirit Award, chosen by the Solo Chair, is presented to the individual that did not win a year-end class award, but showed the most enthusiasm and helpfulness. The Solo Spirit Award recipient exemplifies a standard to which all Solo competitors should aspire.

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