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Solo Chiefs




Solo Chair

Brandon Anderson and Jason Pokines

You oversee and run the entire Solo Program. You either are or designate all the Chief positions below. Any role not covered falls back to you. You attend monthly Board meetings to report on the program’s progress. You requisition budgets and coordinate all schedules, volunteers, and assets.

Event Chair(s)


This means you are Solo Chair for a day. You pick an event (or five) that you will be responsible for overseeing. This means coordinating with all Chiefs listed below that all positions and needs are covered to ensure a smooth event. If a position is not covered, it falls back to you to cover it. Any themes or special activities are yours to coordinate.



This involves either being or designating the person who maintains the timing laptops between events and prepares the timing software the night before an event by exporting the online registrations and importing them to the timing software. You’re also able to help troubleshoot any registration questions prior to each event. On the day of the event, it is up to you to be or designate the person(s) checking drivers in at the trailer and handling payments.

Timing & Scoring


You are a Pronto Timing System expert, at least relatively speaking. You will be one of many people working in the trailer during an event, running the timing laptop, coaching others on how to use the software, and printing out (un-audited) results at the end of the day for the Prize Chief to use for awards. You also then audit the results post-event and publish them to the website. You then alert the Communications Chief to announce the postings. Halfway through the season, you will publish the season points standings for qualified racers (Neohio members having been to at least half the events). At the end of the season, you tally the champions for each class and present your findings to the Awards Chair for the Annual Banquet.

Safety Stewards

Jeff Blumenthal

This involves either being or designating the person(s) who operate(s) as Safety Steward at each event. You are also responsible for getting others trained as Stewards should there be a need for more. Knowing if we need more is also your responsibility.



This involves being and/or designating (and training if need be) the person who runs the line-up grid at each event per heat. Coordinate with the Course Chief on start/finish location and with Registration on the number of cars, classes, and co-drivers.

Course Design


This involves either being or designating the person who designs the course at a given lot for each event. Ideally you (and any number of assistants of your choosing) have visited the lot in advance, plotted a course, and surveyed in-person for account for pavement defects/obstacles. Ideally you have driven with many other regions/clubs or have attended lectures on best practices for course design. You may consider keeping a logbook of good courses for each lot with notes. If possible, coordinate with the Event Chair for any themed events. Condition and requisition of orange cones and any course marking tools are under your purview.

Social Events


Sometimes people want to hang out without the pressure of racing and actually talk to each other and maybe learn more about autocross. You are responsible for coordinating events to facilitate that. This can be as easy as meeting at the Captain’s Club after an event to as complicated as a Cars & Coffee fundraiser at Summit Racing. Other event ideas include running a Solo Workshop, Kart Racing at Boss or High Voltage, and manning a table at a local town festival. All ideas requiring a budget must meet Board approval. Don’t let that scare you; we usually say “yes.”



This involves either being or designating the person who greets drivers as they come onto the lot at each event of the season and having them sign a waiver and put on a wristband. After each event, you are then responsible for making sure all signed waivers are collected and turned into the club Treasurer.



This involves any or all of the following: posting club news and updates on the website, sharing interesting articles/videos/images on the Facebook Page and/or Group, drafting and sending emails from our MailChimp account, publishing details on our event registration pages on

Technical Inspection

Brian Estanek

This involves either being or designating the person who performs tech checks at each event of the season. You have free reign to designate how you want cars to proceed through inspection; drive-thru or walk-up. You can train others to perform tech checks as well. Though both are usually kept in the timing trailer, you are ultimately responsible for keeping track of the tech stickers and the decibel meter.

Worker Assignments


This involves either being or designating the person who makes sure each volunteer worker role is covered during the heats. This means getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of the regular attending drivers and helping Timing & Scoring split the heats efficiently.



This involves either being or designating the person who brings the trailer to the event and takes the trailer back after the event. A short description, but a big responsibility. Each event is literally riding on your success.


Katie Barrett

You are in charge of deciding what prizes are given out at each event. You find items you wish to give out, prepare a budget proposal that either you or the Solo Chair presents to the Board for approval. Once approved, you submit orders and take shipments. You are then responsible for either being or designating the person who announces the awards at the end of each event.

Youth/Karting Program


Minors are allowed to drive at Solo events under certain circumstances and in certain vehicles, depending on age. You are responsible for understanding this inside and out, and getting a following of drivers into the sport. This is basically a way to get new members into the club at an early age.

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