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March 2, 2021

2021 Super Lap Battle this Weekend at COTA

2021 Super Lap Battle this Weekend at COTA

It happens only once a year, and that annual affair is just days away as top time trials competitors hit the road for Austin, Texas and the 2021 Super Lap Battle taking place March 6-7 at Circuit of the Americas.

Global Time Attack’s (GTA) premier event, Super Lap Battle (SLB)—sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing—brings together some of the most talented time attack drivers. It’s a race against the clock. For each car class, the fastest lap around the 3.4-mile layout earns victory. Those classes are: Enthusiast, Street, Limited, Unlimited, International Unlimited and Pro/Comp.

SLB drivers won’t be the only ones on track this weekend. Also on the schedule is competition for GRIDLIFE GLTC, as well as Lone Star Drift demos and ride alongs and a car show. Tickets are on sale now at $10 for the whole weekend if purchased online, or $20 if purchased at COTA. And if you can’t make it out to COTA, catch much of the action on Global Time Attack’s website

Watch here!

SCCA’s Presence

At SLB, competitors have four sessions on track Saturday and three sessions Sunday to set their marks before shootouts are held for the top five drivers in each class. SCCA autocross and Time Trials participants such as Chris Mayfield, driving the No. 194 BMW M3 in Street Class, and the duo of Corrin and Brian Tyson, driving the No. 230 Honda Civic SI in Street Class, are part of the mix this weekend at COTA. Then there’s Ryan Dussex, driving the No. 2 Subaru WRX STI, who is on the Board of SCCA’s Colorado Region and actively involved in the Club’s ever-burgeoning Time Trials program as Chief Instructor. Dussex finished 12th in the Limited Class at last year’s SLB. This year, however, he’s taking a shot at the Pro/Comp class.

The biggest difference between Pro/Comp and other classes is Pro/Comp allows for purpose-built racecars. And for Dussex’s particular car, this weekend will be the first time it has competed on U.S. soil. Even though this will be his third year competing in SLB, Dussex is certainly jazzed this time around to be showing off this car.

“One of the things Super Lap Battle and Global Time Attack do a really good job at is promoting their drivers and coverage of the events,” Dussex said. “Not everybody is going to win. But what’s super cool about running with Global Time Attack and Super Lap Battle is that they talk about you and talk about your car, and you get a lot of facetime with people on pit lanes and garages.” For drivers who won’t be finishing at the top of a class, this added attention provides important promotion opportunities and, well, just makes competitors feel like they’re important and part of a high-end motorsports activity.

Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t special perks to participating in SCCA Time Trials events, too.

“The biggest thing I like about SCCA Time Trials… is that everybody is having fun,” Dussex notes. “I’ve done the Tire Rack Time Trials Nationals the past two years, and everybody is having fun competing on the track. Everyone takes the track competition side of it serious, but when it comes to issues in the paddock, everyone is always there to help other people out. It’s a rip-roaring good time. Everyone is chatty and … just partying together like as a family—and I really, really like that.

“Of all the motorsports I’ve done over all the years—Solo, RallyCross, open-lapping days and stuff—I feel like Time Trials has been a great outlet and a great home for anybody…” Dussex concluded. “SCCA has done a really good job on welcoming new drivers in with open arms, and helping them compete right off the bat while learning how to drive at the same time. I really feel SCCA is really doing a great job on bridging the gap between earlier, entry-level motorsports and higher-level motorsports.”

Rest of the GTA Season

This weekend’s SLB is only one event on the GTA’s 2021 schedule. The full calendar is as follows:
– April 3-4: GTA @ The Ridge Motorsports Park; Shelton, WA.
– April 10-11: GTA @ Buttonwillow Raceway Park; Buttonwillow, CA.
– May 7-8: GTA @ Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta; Braselton, GA.
– July 3-4: GTA @ Palmer Motorsports Park; Palmer, MA.
– July 24-25: GTA @ The Ridge Motorsports Park; Shelton, WA.
– November 12-14: GTA Finals @ Buttonwillow Raceway Park; Buttonwillow, CA.

Based in Torrance, California, Global Time Attack was established in 2010 with the simple desire to assemble the world’s fastest dedicated time attack cars together on a particular circuit. Through its events, live broadcasts and partnerships with independent media outlets, GTA presents this motorsport in an exciting, engaging and involving manner in order to elevate this community as a whole – including teams, fans, manufacturers, supporters and sanctioning bodies. The goal is to provide an accessible and challenging forum for the growing community of time attack motorsports enthusiasts, from the drivers to the builders.

SCCA, GTA and GRIDLIFE are the founding members of the North American Time Attack Council (NATA) dedicated to the development, evolution and success of time-based, competitive motorsport events such as Time Attack and Time Trials. The goal of the Council is the progression of motorsports through the consultation and collaboration of its members in the planning and execution of programs and events. NATA and its member organizations seek to represent the interests of all drivers, from beginner to professional competitor, in order to ensure access, inclusivity, consistency and a high-quality driver experience.

For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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