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July 26, 2021

’21 CAM Invitational Plans at Solo Nats

'21 CAM Invitational Plans at Solo Nats

The CAM Invitational is back, baby! In 2021, the Tire Rack CAM Challenge Series Powered by SCCA will hold its end-of-year faceoff the morning of Thursday, Sept. 9, at Lincoln Airpark during the 2021 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals. But a little something new is in store for CAM competitors this time around.

What will make this year’s CAM Invitational so unique? To find out you’ll need to read further. But keep in mind there will be a cap of 100 entries for this event, and registration will open Wednesday, July 28, at 3 pm Central Time.


Something Special this Year

Continuing a tradition built over the past several years, the CAM Invitational will see muscle car enthusiasts from across the country indulge in some ground-pounding fun while promoting camaraderie, community, and some awesomely loud competition. Sure, the 2020 and 2021 Solo seasons were unusual with an unprecedented impact on the entire SCCA National Solo program, including the CAM Challenge series. But from the tattered event calendar arises an extraordinary, hybrid Tire Rack CAM Invitational experience designed to bridge the gap from past CAM efforts to what will be a greater degree of normalcy in the coming year.

The CAM Invitational format outlined below for 2021 allows the SCCA and CAM enthusiasts to have a special event that fits within the current Solo Nationals schedule. Served up will be a CAM-centric spotlight on fabulous cars and competitors to generate excitement before 2022 plans are even announced.

Enough Jibber-Jabber, More Details

Of course, CAM entrants will compete in their three classes — CAM T, CAM C and CAM S — on Sept. 7 and Sept. 8 during the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals to determine class winners and trophy positions. But here’s the kicker. CAM entrants are encouraged to participate the following day, Sept. 9, in a standalone CAM Invitational shootout!

Festivities will begin at 7:30 am Thursday morning with a breakfast just for the Invitational participants. Then at 9 am, drivers will roll out on a modified version of the Test-N-Tune course, separate from the Solo Nats competition courses. That’s right, Solo Nats will officially become a “three ring circus,” and CAM will have a playground all to itself.

The CAM Invitational will consist of elimination rounds for each of the three class, followed by a Shootout between the CAM Invitational class champions to determine an Overall CAM Invitational Champion. As a trophy, the overall champ will receive a magnificent instrument from Kiesel Guitars.

Drivers will not be required to “work” the course during CAM Invitational competition — unless they wish to help, which is always appreciated. The entry fee is only $25 per person, which includes a minimum of three runs.

The Fine Print

All drivers participating at the 2021 Tire Rack Solo Nationals are allowed to run the CAM Invitational in a CAM-legal car. The event will likely run through the early afternoon on Thursday. All drivers must register prior to Thursday, Sept. 9, at to join in the CAM Invitational. Awards will be handed out at the end of competition.

Need more info about CAM? Check out the Tire Rack CAM Challenge Series Powered by SCCA webpage, and it’s smart to review the 2021 Classic American Muscle (CAM) Category Rules handout.


Photo by Rupert Berrington


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