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September 4, 2022

’22 ProSolo Finale: Facing a Sunday Showdown

'22 ProSolo Finale: Facing a Sunday Showdown

As this weekend’s Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Championship Finale heads into Sunday, Sept. 4, battles are coming to a crescendo for numerous class titles. And while Sunday morning’s competition will undoubtedly shake things up, here’s how some of the battles were shaping up come the end of Saturday.

In A Street, Charles Crampert, who came into the ProSolo Finale in a four-way tie for second, leads the pack by 0.694sec. That tenuous advantage is over Dan Bullis, who is one of those four currently tied for second in class points. Kevin Wenzel, who led entering the weekend, sits fourth in class.

C Street is looking like a winner-take-all race to the class championship. Will Teller and Vivek Goel entered the ProSolo Finale weekend tied with 40 points, and as the sun set on Saturday, Teller led Goel by a scant 0.07sec. Third place is a mile back (relatively speaking), essentially making CS a two-car shootout on Sunday.

In E Street, four entered the Finale with “perfect” points, and as it stood by the end of Saturday’s competition, three of those four were sitting top three in class competition – Bartek Borowski leads the charge, 0.142sec over Joseph Cote. Dennis Hubbard is then 0.325sec further back. Eric Peterson, the fourth competitor with perfect points, currently sits fifth at the Finale – but that could easily change come Sunday morning’s runs.

CAM saw three hit the concrete at Lincoln Airpark with 40 points: Brian Coulson, Eric Peachey, and Sam Strano. Entering Sunday morning, Strano leads the field, with Peachey in hot pursuit in fourth.

S2 is intense, as Mike Kuhn was the sole competitor entering the Finale weekend sporting 40 points. Behind him in points was Adrian Cardenas, Cody Hunt, Grant Reeve, Steve Waters, and Jeff Wong with 36 points each. Come the end of Saturday’s ProSolo Finale competition, it was Wong on top, with Kuhn in third, albeit just 0.284sec behind Wong. Directly behind Kuhn is Hunt and Reeve. The race for the overall class title is on in this class, and what will happen on Sunday is anyone’s guess.

Then there’s the Super and Ladies Challenges that crank up the heat one more notch come Sunday afternoon. Based on the numbers come Saturday evening, the Ladies Challenge will be a humdinger, while the Super Challenge faces a shakeup.

Cars are due to hit the mirrored ProSolo Finale courses at 8 a.m. CDT on Sunday. Be it on site or at home, keep up with the action through SCCA’s live timing and audio feed. You can also keep up with what’s going on in the grid via the SoloMatters Facebook page.

Photo by Rupert Berrington (Jeff Wong leads the S2 class entering Sunday’s 2022 Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Championship Finale)

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