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September 16, 2020

5 Ways to Enhance Your Time Trials Experience

5 Ways to Enhance Your Time Trials Experience

With Time Trials Nationals just a week away, we wanted to share some helpful tips to making the most of your Time Trials experience, whether it’s next week or next year.

And remember, registration remains open for Tire Rack Time Trials Nationals Powered by Hagerty, to be held next weekend, September 24-27, at NCM Motorsports Park.

Maybe you have done a few Track Events and are just stepping into Time Trials, or you have done a few Time Trials and want to step up your game. Either way—you want to make the most of your Time Trials experience so that you can have a better—and maybe even more competitive – event.

1) Prepare Your Car
Going to an event and having to work on your car isn’t the way to have a good time, so you want to put some effort into working in your garage or driveway first. Make sure to check your brakes, suspension, fluids, and tires to ensure each system is up to par before heading to the track.

2) Know the Vehicle Rules/Format
You have probably gone over the rules for your car and you know just what’s allowed and not allowed, but it’s important to understand the rules for on track as well. Will the results be determined by the best single lap? Combined laps from different sessions? Are there penalties for being late to grid? Going off course or spinning? Understanding what’s expected will help your event experience—and potentially make you more competitive.

3) Study the Drivers Around You
No, not to see who you need to beat even though it might work for that, but how you will need to plan to be near them on track. If you’re going out behind someone not much faster, you might want to give them some more space. If they are a lot faster you know you don’t have to worry about them and they will be out of your view soon enough. The better you know those you’re on track with, the more you’ll be able to optimize your own laps.

4) Study the Track
If this is your first time at a specific track, internet videos and track maps are your friend. Even if you have been to the track a hundred times—it’s always good to have a plan for how you will approach the event. Will you be working on improving yourself as a driver, and if so where on track can you gain the most? Will you be working on vehicle setup? Think of how you plan to make adjustments and what places will give you the best chance to feel those changes.

5) Work Together
Remember, even though you’re competing, you’re working with your fellow drivers to get the best lap. Talk to the drivers around you about how you come up to speed, how they might have to give their tires a couple of laps or if they plan to pull in quickly. The more each of you understand about your plans, the better everyone’s experience will be. 

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