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March 31, 2020

A Brief History of Autocross Course Designs

A Brief History of Autocross Course Designs

In a climate of breaking news, how about a declaration that probably isn’t a surprise: autocrossers have ALWAYS had a bone to pick with course designers.

This person’s courses always have this section, or that corner was just a copy of that.

We went back into the SCCA archives and found, from 70 years ago this month, a little trick that we’re certain isn’t in the current rotation – but maybe should be? This little number would set the internet ablaze if broken out today.

Then Miami-Region RE George Huntoon expertly devised a gymkhana course for his fellow participants that might look similar to a modern-day autocross, with a significant twist.

“With reference to the sketch of the gymkhana course,” our March SportsCar article explains, “it might be explained that the ‘touch barrier’ at Stations Numbers 2 and 7 consisted of a pole lying on two boxes which had to be touched, but not rolled from the boxes.”

Talk about a challenging element!

For reference, here are the results from that day:

Entrant Car

Total Points

1. Sam Collier Ford-Riley 110
2. Miles Collier M.G. (s) 108
3. Dud Wilson Jaguar XK-120 106
4. Early McIntosh M.G. 104
5. Briggs Cunningham “Fordillac” 102
6. Jenks Ford Special 100
7. Denver Cornett M.G. 95
8. Alexander Willys (midget) 94
9. George Roberts Ford Special 91
10. George Forman Hillman 91
11. Tee Davey Ford-Riley 89
12. Bob Provins Triumph 88
13. Bob Gegen M.G. (s) 86
14. Dave Gerli Austin A-90 83
15. A. H. Hammett M.G. 82
16. E. Von Kreidner M.G. 77
17. Phil Stiles H.R.G. 77
18. Jack Rutherfurd Jaguar XK-120 70
19. J. Warren Ardun-Lincoln 57

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