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May 1, 2017

Activity at Nelson Ledges

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NEOHIO Region has noticed a friendly sleeping giant starting to wake up in Garrettsville, OH, called Nelson Ledges Road Course. Nelson Ledges has been dusting off their site during the last couple of months. It started with Nelson’s new website ( and their Facebook page providing regular updates regarding the track and future events. One of their most impressive updates was the announcement of fixing the legendary track. They scheduled to give the track a semi “face lift” and had multiple sections of the track cut out and refilled with brand new pavement. They decided it needed a makeover and removed many of the old structures that were an eyesore. They have been working nonstop on beautifying the property. Friends, that means the grass is being cut on a regular basis!

The track wanted to show off their improvements. They partnered with GANAR Driving Experience to help manage open track days. Together they invited people to dust off their shoes and enjoy what made Nelson Ledges loved by many drivers. The first Track Day @ Nelson Ledges took place on April 22 & 23. The outcome was overwhelming. We hear they had a good turnout and the feedback was positive overall. The event stayed on schedule and they had Instructors to guide Novice drivers. Every driver had plenty of track time. There is a video on GANAR’s Facebook page that shows the layout of the track with the new pavement.

Nelson Ledges wants to allow as many drivers to experience the thrill of the track. We hear the track is open for private rentals. To stay connected with their progress, you can sign up for their newsletter via their website. We suggest you visit their calendar page on a regular basis to keep informed of all the upcoming events and activities. Visit GANAR’s website ( to stay up-to-date with track days. This definitely is a very positive change from previous years. We will stay close to their progress and report back to our members as needed.

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