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October 18, 2022

Applicants Wanted: Tire Rack Street Survival Coordinator

Applicants Wanted: Tire Rack Street Survival Coordinator

The SCCA is accepting applications for the position of Tire Rack Street Survival Coordinator. This position is funded by the SCCA Foundation and has been filled for more than five years by Scott Dobler. During his tenure, Dobler worked with the Foundation to increase the number of Regions hosting schools, personally traveled to support schools when needed, and maintained a close working relationship with the BMWCCA Foundation and other clubs in support of the program.

“It is no exaggeration to say that Scott’s efforts to grow this important program has benefitted thousands of teen drivers and likely saved hundreds of young drivers from accidents, injury or other serious harm behind the wheel,” said Jeff Jacobs, Chairman of the SCCA Foundation. “Scott set a high bar, but with the depth of talent in the SCCA community we know there’s a candidate out there who can keep growing the program.”

This position is a part-time independent contractor role managed through the SCCA staff. The individual does not need to be located in Topeka. The exact time commitment may vary based on the time of the year. There is a monthly stipend, an allowance for certain expenses, and a bonus structure based on the total number of SCCA-hosted schools, bringing in new Regions, and so forth. The goal is to have the new Coordinator train with Dobler in November and ready shortly thereafter to help Regions prepare for 2023.

The Coordinator is responsible for encouraging SCCA Regions to host Tire Rack Street Survival schools. This includes helping regions who hosted schools in the prior year set up their schedule for the new year and recruiting new regions to the program. The Coordinator ensures that region leaders have the materials they need prior to each school, that they receive the correct payments after a school is completed, and that program evaluation forms are returned and reviewed. He or she helps recruit assistance from neighboring regions as needed to support a school. The Coordinator also interacts with the BMWCCA Foundation staff in regards to the overall program.

Applications are requested by October 28 for review by the SCCA Foundation and SCCA staff.


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