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August 7, 2020

August: Valvoline Month at Track Night

August: Valvoline Month at Track Night

Motor oil. 

It’s something we don’t think much about, but it always comes back. Going on track? Check the oil. Just thrashed the engine for a weekend on track? Better change the oil. 

And through the years, both in our personal cars and at the SCCA, Valvoline Oil has been there for us. Sure, on an official level, we’ve gone our 3,000 miles between oil changes – Valvoline’s last official business with SCCA was at the 2005 Runoffs. 

But Valvoline was always there – in our members’ cars. And the reason is simple: as America’s first motor oil brand, Valvoline has been trusted for 150 years. So you know that Valvoline is going to improve your experience in and out of your car. 

We’re proud to announce Valvoline as the August Partner of the Month for Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack. Thanks to the awesome folks at Valvoline, everyone attending a Track Night event, will receive a Valvoline T-shirt and swag. Of course, that’s only while supplies last, so make sure to arrive early to snag your shirt. 

But wait! There’s more! Save $25 on your Track Night event entry with the handy coupon code ValvolineTrusted

We really want you to know that Valvoline is the best brand of motor oil for your car, no matter what you drive, especially when you’re headed out onto the track for three 20-minute sessions at Track Night. 

How are we so certain about this? Because the folks at Valvoline are one of us. They do this. It’s not unusual to show up at a track day event and be surrounded by Valvoline employees. You may not even know it. But if you do, please say hi – they’ll be happy to talk with you about anything, including the benefits of Valvoline Oil and other lubricant products. 

Because at the end of the day, there’s a reason that Valvoline wants to be involved in Track Night in America driven by Tire Rack and other events that involve SCCA members – because they are participants and SCCA members, too! 

Head on over to to find the right Valvoline product for your car! 

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