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November 16, 2022

Black Friday to Cyber Monday (and Beyond!) Deals

Black Friday to Cyber Monday (and Beyond!) Deals

‘Tis the season.

‘Tis the season to look back on everything that went right – or wrong – while competing in autocross, road racing, Track Events, Time Trials, RallyCross, or RoadRally, or while volunteering. We love motorsports, but we also admit that not every year goes as planned. But while it’s the season to reflect on the year that somehow came and went, ‘tis also the season to prep for a successful competition year to come – and with that, we give you our Black Friday deals and discounts that run all the way through the completely made-up Cyber Monday – and in several cases, beyond.

Because ‘tis the season to not pay retail!

 Skip the Reading, Let’s Shop!

EZ Button #1: Gift a Membership

Gift someone a yearlong membership! With more than 2,000 events nationwide, an SCCA membership card unlocks a world of possibilities for any motorsport lover, be they looking to wave a flag, jump into the dirt at a RallyCross, go road racing, or anything else the Club offers.

This is also the gift that keeps giving, because by gifting a friend a membership, they can join you at the next event and help bleed your brakes. You know it’s worth paying for someone’s SCCA membership for that reason alone.

Smell Better at Events: Buy SCCA Gear

You know it, we know it – everyone knows it! When it comes to multi-day SCCA events, there are many among us who don’t shower. Plus, while we’re at the event, we’re often sweating in the sun. A winning combination, for sure.

While all of that’s a smidge disgusting (and we’re not saying you’re guilty), here’s a simple life hack: Bring plenty of fresh clothes to every event. But which clothes? SCCA-branded ones, of course!

This Black Friday, SCCA Gear is offering free shipping on – err—SCCA gear, on orders of $50 or greater. Don’t think you’ll spend $50 at SCCA Gear? Au contraire.

From shirts to jackets to hats, kid clothes, and more, SCCA Gear has what you need – and these items also make for excellent holiday gifts. We’re not saying that everyone in your family wants an SCCA shirt – we’re just saying it’s what you should get them.

EZ Button #2: TNiA Gift Certificate (With Benefits)

Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack offers everyone the opportunity to get on a racetrack in their street car for a reasonable price – and what’s more reasonable than free?

OK, you’ve got us, we’re not giving away free Track Night entries, but we are giving away a free T-shirt when you purchase a $150 Track Night gift certificate for a buddy. Buy enough Track Night gift certificates for friends and you’ll have an entirely new (and awesome!) closet of clothes!

Stop Right There: Hawk’s Got You

Need to stop? Sure, we all do! Need to stop better than your competition? Meet Hawk Performance! With brake pads that cover a plethora of applications in a double-plethora of compounds, Hawk’s got pads and more for race cars, track day vehicles, autocross cars, tow rigs, and beyond.

This holiday season, Hawk Performance is offering 10-percent off everything in one order. That’s right – load up your online shopping cart and get saving!

Safety and Style: RaceChick

Whether you’re “Here to Beat the Boys,” you’re “Just a Girl Who Loves the Gas Pedal,” or “All You Need is Love – And a Fast Car,” RaceChick has attire for you. There’s more, too, because RaceChick also sells racing suits, shoes, gloves, helmet decals, fire resistant underwear, and more.

And if you want to sport a hat that says you’re “Fast AF” (we’re far too innocent to know what that means), then RaceChick literally has you covered.

If you order between Nov. 22 and Nov. 28, 2022, RaceChick has a rockin’ deal of discounts of $15 to $100 off your order, with the first 50 orders of $50 or more receiving a limited-edition tote bag.

Read Much? A Grassroots Motorsports Deal

Enjoy reading about performance cars and motorsports? Grassroots Motorsports is the hardcore sports car magazine for you. How do we know it’s the hardcore sports car magazine? Because it says so on the cover – and we know how to read. And because we know how to read, we enjoy reading about performance cars and motorsports – just like you!

This holiday season, Grassroots Motorsports is offering a full year’s subscription for just $19.99 when you subscribe by the end of the year. And if you order on Black Friday, you’ll receive 25-percent off all merchandise in the Grassroots Motorsports store when you use the appropriate discount code.

More Irresistible Deals, Including Ones We Can’t Talk About – Yet

But wait, there’s more!

Skip Barber Racing School is set to have an astounding sale you can’t afford to miss – but unfortunately, this deal can’t be revealed until Black Friday. If you’ve ever considered attending a professional racing school, you’ll want to set a calendar reminder to click the link below come Black Friday.

Other companies sporting astounding deals for SCCA members include RaceDeck, Hankook Performance Tires, APEX Pro, Function + Form, Blayze, and RAM Mounts – with more in the works!

You’ll need to use coupon codes for these offers, so click the big red button below for those magical digits!

 Amazing Black Friday Deals!

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