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December 2, 2021

Blue Mountain Region Chips in for Charity

Blue Mountain Region Chips in for Charity

The Reading Recreation Commission’s “3rd and Spruce” gymnasium was filled with raucous excitement earlier in November when SCCA’s Blue Mountain Region hosted its annual Pine Car Derby charity event in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Rich Rock, the region’s Time Trials and HillClimb chairman, has spearheaded the activity for around a half-dozen years. He said about 30 kids between the ages of 6 and 13 years old took part this year, and the wooden car kits were provided free of charge to participants.

Under adult supervision, competitors worked on their cars at the recreation center in the days and weeks prior to the race. Then on the day of competition, nearly a dozen Blue Mountain Region members showed up to help with registration, tech and officiating; and decked out the gym with banners and decorations adding a little something special to the atmosphere. They also helped kids fine tune their racers to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

The top three finishers received trophies, but it was the energy and interaction experienced during the event which made everyone a winner. Plus, Blue Mountain Region donated $1,000 to help cover Pine Car Derby costs with plenty of funds left over for other Reading Recreation Commission programs.

A Community Partnership

The Reading Recreation Commission is a community partnership between the City of Reading and Reading School District. The partnership allows the commission to provide better recreation services in a more cost-effective way, and offers neighborhood-based recreation and learning opportunities for all ages with an emphasis on affordable programs for children at schools, parks, playgrounds, and the commission’s two recreation centers.

The commission, which was in possession of a Pine Car Derby track, approached Blue Mountain Region some years back and asked for help conducting the special activity. Rock said the region was happy to jump in and be a valued partner.

“The Reading Recreation Commission has won many awards over the years for the work they do,” Rock said. “It’s really impressive the way the staff handles the kids. They do a great job and they’re fantastic people.”

Recreation services such as these bring people together and make communities stronger. Kudos to Blue Mountain Region for playing a role in the Pine Car Derby and their community as a whole with the goal of improving people’s lives.

Photo courtesy of Blue Mountain Region

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