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February 17, 2022

Class Back in Session for Tire Rack Street Survival

Class Back in Session for Tire Rack Street Survival

SCCA regions combined to host more than 50 Tire Rack Street Survival schools in 2019, eclipsing the prior year’s record of 45 schools. Then the pandemic hit and the program had to cut back severely in 2020 and 2021. But Scott Dobler, Street Survival SCCA National Coordinator, said he’s looking to get things rolling again in 2022 with a robust slate of educational events across the country.

“The SCCA could only conducted 14 Street Survival schools in 2021 due to COVID,” Dobler said. “But for 2022, our plan is to hold between 35 and 40 schools. We feel that is a pretty attainable goal.”

It was 2002 when the very first Tire Rack Street Survival class was held. Since then, more than 1,200 events have been hosted, and more than 25,000 students have gone through the program. The need for such an initiative remains great as — according to some National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data — nearly 4,000 youths ages 15 to 20 are involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. annually. Therefore, learning critical on-the-road survival skills may certainly help save lives.

Today, each Street Survival session teaches licensed drivers between the ages of 15 and 21 important, potentially life-saving skills such as how to maneuver through a skid and how to avoid distractions while driving. In many classes, students also get to sit behind the wheel of a semi-truck to experience the vehicle’s significant blind spots for themselves. Because students use their own vehicles during the program, they also learn how to check the air pressure of their tires, check the oil level and perform other routine maintenance to understand the responsibility that comes with driving their vehicles.

Take a look at the developing 2022 Tire Rack Street Survival schedule to find an upcoming event near you. And check back frequently as plans are in place to add many more events throughout the year.

Street Survival Info & Schedule

How SCCA Helps

Tire Rack Street Survival schools are facilitated by chapters of the Sports Car Club of America, BMW Car Clubs of America and Canada, Porsche Club of America, Audi Club of North America, the National Corvette Museum and other auto enthusiast clubs where a trained volunteer instructor base can be utilized. The SCCA Foundation is able to fund Dobler’s efforts and support region programs thanks to the generosity of donors who contribute through several fundraisers every year.

“Prior to Tire Rack helping our clubs build the Street Survival program, students did not have inexpensive, local access to advanced training needed to reduce the risk that inexperience poses to themselves, passengers and those around them on the road,” said Jeff Jacobs, Chairman of the SCCA Foundation. “Tire Rack Street Survival helps new or inexperienced drivers gain real-world training in the cars they drive every day, and the curriculum goes far beyond any traditional student driver education program coursework. This program is an important way for SCCA Regions to give back to their communities.”

While fiscal support is both needed and always appreciated, Dobler said he would also like to see more SCCA regions get involved. In 2019, 36 individual regions hosted Street Survival schools. For 2022, Dobler would like to see that number increase by at least ten. And regions that host an event get a portion of each student’s entry fee. Regions interested in learning more should email

If you would like to donate to SCCA Foundation, do that by clicking the link below.

SCCA Foundation Donations

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