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February 2, 2021

Collaboration Creates New HillClimb Opportunity

Collaboration Creates New HillClimb Opportunity

HillClimb fans, block off May 1-2, 2021, on your calendars for a brand-new HillClimb taking place at Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Pineville, Kentucky, thanks to a collaborative effort put forth by SCCA’s East Tennessee Region, Blue Ridge Region and Central Carolinas Region with some help from SCCA’s Region Development and Experiential Programs Departments, as well as support from the Pennsylvania HillClimb Association.

The two-mile, 10-turn Pine Mountain HillClimb layout will feature an elevation gain of 650 feet. George Bowland, who has competed at 16 different HillClimbs and holds the overall record at 11 of those, previewed the course personally and believes it to be the best he’s seen in the United States. He added, “it has everything you would look for: fast flowing sections, slower technical corners, a great surface and plenty of dips and rises that both offer challenge and just makes the hill fun.”

Registration will open later in March for the Pine Mountain HillClimb. The park also features a 30-room guest lodge and 15 vacation cabins, along with a full restaurant and catering services on site. Participants will be able to reserve rooms or a cabin when registering for the event. Check out the event page for more information, and fill out a simple form online to receive updates about the upcoming event.

Of course, the city of Pineville — located just two miles from the competition site — is eager to host SCCA’s event in their community. Already, plans are in place for a Friday afternoon fan-fest in downtown Pineville.

The city of Pineville and Pine Mountain State Resort Park are extremely excited to welcome SCCA HillClimbing,” said Jacob Roan, Economic Development Director for the City of Pineville. “We are big believers in this concept and see tremendous value for our community and local businesses in bringing this event to eastern Kentucky.”

The Pine Mountain HillClimb is also made possible thanks to Backroads of Appalachia, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to bring events and tourism to Eastern Kentucky. Make sure to check out their Facebook page.

Rick Myers, SCCA’s Senior Manager of Region Services, noted that “bringing three regions and national staff together to launch an exciting new event really shows the strength SCCA has in our ability to work together to bring motorsports events to enthusiasts.  The community is excited to have us and we are thrilled to be able to show a new audience what the SCCA has to offer.”  

For those unfamiliar, SCCA HillClimbs take place on a section of mountain road that has been closed to commuter traffic. Competitors take turns seeing who can complete the course the fastest. Unlike a road course, which may have multiple levels of barriers, or an autocross where rubber cones are usually the biggest risk, a HillClimb course is lined with trees and rocks. Getting to the top unscathed is a mix of bravery and discretion. HillClimb cars need roll bars and racing harnesses at a minimum, and drivers need approved flame-retardant racing suits and other safety gear.

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