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December 1, 2022

Content to Discounts, Hagerty Expands Its Horizons

Content to Discounts, Hagerty Expands Its Horizons

You’re likely looking at that title and thinking, “Tell me something I didn’t know.” Indeed, for a company that began by selling boat insurance and now offers everything from collector car insurance to track day insurance, along with creating plenty of content via its site and magazine, plus owning the robust event registration entity, Hagerty is well known for fast-acting entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to saving the car. And still, the company’s far from done.

We regularly feature articles that appear on, but this month, there’s a new site that Hagerty has launched that has our attention: There’s also a deal we don’t want you to miss.

What is Imola?

Good question – this is something Hagerty’s Cameron Neveu answered quite succinctly in the first post to

“Welcome to Imola! This is Hagerty’s new site that focuses on high-performance driving and motorsports. We’re here to help you explore your car’s performance envelope – safely on a track, of course – and to bring you compelling stories and dispatches from the racing world.

Today’s motorsports scene has a huge gulf between racers who obsessively spend every night optimizing their machines for speed and those who want a more casual, fun experience. While we will occasionally report from a major professional race, Imola will focus on participatory motorsports, the stuff anyone can do.

To that end, we’ve partnered with MotorsportReg, a platform that helps you find your people, whether they’re at track days, club races, or car shows. Along the way, you’ll learn how to get more from your car and expand your automotive interests.”

A wealth of quality motorsports content has appeared on the site since it launched just a few months ago. From the basics of how to get involved, to pro racer Tom Long diving into high performance braking with data traces, has now been officially bookmarked by the SCCA staff.

Love Racing? Join Hagerty’s Club

Remember when we said Hagerty has plenty of offerings? One such item is the Hagerty Drivers Club, now featuring a spectacular deal. We’ll let the folks at Hagerty explain:

“Hagerty Drivers Club members are exclusively invited to save over 50-percent off a personalized Sabelt racing suit. These custom suits are tailored to your measurements, can be modified with your racing team logos, and come in six different color options.

At $70/year, Hagerty Drivers Club more than pays for itself when you take advantage of this exclusive discount (not to mention tons of other partner offers available year-round). As an HDC member, you’ll also get exclusive access and VIP perks at events and tracks across the country; roadside for trailers; six issues of the award-winning Hagerty Drivers Club magazine a year; unlimited Marketplace classifieds listings; and more.”

Sign up for the Hagerty Drivers Club by clicking this link.

Photo courtesy Hagerty

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