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November 24, 2021

Don’t Toss That Renewal Form!

Don’t Toss That Renewal Form!

Many of us renew our SCCA Memberships online – and for good reason, it’s really easy to do! But even if that’s true, please be sure to open the mail that comes after renewal. Why? For the savings.

If you pick out your membership card and toss the rest, you’re missing out on potentially hundreds of dollars of savings just for purchasing what you were going to purchase anyway. There are several deals in that packet you don’t want to miss. Among our favorites:

1. Save Money and Drive

Tire Rack has been the presenting sponsor of Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack since the beginning of the program, and in the renewal packet you’ll get a $25 off coupon to register for an event. Why register? Because they’re fun and already affordable – this just helps sweeten the deal!

2. Stop! Stop!

Hawk Performance has parts for almost any street, track or autocross car. When you renew, you’ll receive $20 off any $200 purchase – so grab those extra brake pads and go burn them down!

3. Your One-Stop Super Store

Have you been to Summit Racing Equipment’s website recently? You may think of them as a performance parts outlet – and they have plenty of those. But really, Summit Racing Equipment has everything you may need for your car under the sun – or even in the rain! When you renew your SCCA membership, you’ll get a 10 percent off coupon for Summit, with no limit to the discount you can receive.

4. Get Started Right Away

Braille Battery is the place to go when you need a light battery that’s going to fire up quickly – and when your SCCA membership renews, you’ll get a coupon to do that even more affordably. Braille Battery offers batteries to fit your street or race car, ATV and UTV, motorcycle, truck and boat.

5. Drive Almost Any Track – In the World!

I mean, kind of. There’s no closer experience to the real thing than iRacing, and when you renew your SCCA membership you’ll get three months of a free membership to the sim racing platform. It’s a dirty trick – after three months, there’s no chance you won’t renew!

And that’s not all!

These offers often change, so check that envelope closely before tossing it out. Once they hit the trash, they’re gone forever – or at least until another year passes!


Photo by Jon Krolewicz/SCCA Staff

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