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January 21, 2022

Enduro Nationals Off, Tour Events will Pilot Program

Enduro Nationals Off, Tour Events will Pilot Program

The 2022 SCCA Team Enduro National Championship — scheduled for April 1 and 2 — has been postponed, with the focus of the new Enduro Program shifting to its National Tour events scheduled for the balance of 2022, and a ramp up to a 2023 National Championship.

While the SCCA believes that — had Nationals been held —it would have delivered a great event for the teams participating, the timeline of developing a new program for a Championship event was too compressed.

“We absolutely believe in the Club’s ability to rise to the occasion and deliver an excellent experience,” said Eric Prill, VP of Road Racing, “but we are too close to the launch event, with a to-do list that is too extensive to ask for a commitment from teams in good faith.”

Prill noted that it would be easy to produce a formulaic event modeled after existing programs, but that doesn’t meet with the core values of the club and its members.

“SCCA needs a program that is scalable from a local regional event to a National Championship. We need to take our experience, not just in road racing, but autocross, time trials and rally, and have a program that works for the Club.

“When the concept of the new Enduro program was first born in late 2019, the Club was in a different place—the world was in a different place,” Prill said. “The purpose for an SCCA endurance program has not changed, and developing that concept has taken time.”

There are no plans to change the remaining Enduro National Tour dates, and those events will serve as pilots leading up to a strengthened program in 2023. The first of those is May 20-22 at Nelson Ledges Road Course in Ohio, followed by events at VIR in August, Buttonwillow Raceway in November and MSR Houston in December.

“Team Enduro will continue to focus on fine-tuning its plans,” Prill said, stressing the importance of the primary philosophy of the SCCA and commitment to the Enduro program.

“SCCA is a club built on doing motorsports things with your friends, and what better way to do that than to race together, as a team?”

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