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July 18, 2022

Getting In On the Fun and Action

Getting In On the Fun and Action

Participating in motorsports doesn’t necessarily require procuring a race car, getting a competition license, and buying a bunch of safety equipment. It’s possible to be right there, part of the action, and have the second-best seat at the track by getting involved as an SCCA Flagging and Communications (F&C) volunteer – as 30-plus year SCCA member Ben Tyler will tell you.

It’s super easy to join the ranks of F&C. First, find an SCCA event near you and head to the track for a day of great road racing. While you’re there, say ‘hello’ to a corner marshal wearing white and simply tell him or her, “I want to do what you do!” They’ll happily tell you all about F&C and talk you through the effortless process to get involved. The other option is to find your local SCCA Region and drop them an email saying you’re interested in learning more about working F&C at races.

If you want to learn more about what F&C is all about, check out the video below featuring longtime F&C volunteer Ben Tyler. He was pretty much born into the SCCA and has been flagging at corners for years. In the video, Ben shares what makes F&C so much fun, which includes the great friends he’s made over the years.

More Opportunities with SCCA

F&C is just one of the positions that need filling for races around the country. SCCA members also help out as Paddock Stewards, Safety Stewards, Race Directors, Stewards of the Meet, Chief Stewards, Race Chairmen, Chief of Grid, Chief of Pace Car, Chief Registrars, Chief of Tech, Chief of Sound Control, Chief Starters, Chief of Timing and Scoring, Hospitality Chair, Clerk of the Course, and more. Plus, each of those chiefs need help, so there are plenty of other opportunities to join in the fun and be an active, valuable member of the SCCA. You can learn more here.

No matter your background or passion, the SCCA has a volunteer position for you – and your local SCCA Region could sure use the help. And along the way, you’ll probably meet a new best friend or two by having #funwithcars with the SCCA.

Photo by Adam Brooks

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