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October 27, 2021

Hagerty Feature: 10 Unforgettable TV Ads

Among the many reasons our friends at Hagerty are a wonderful partner to the SCCA is that they love #FunWithCars just as much as we do – and they are a wealth of knowledge on a variety of car-related subjects. The following article originally appeared on For this and all of Hagerty’s car-related content, visit their media site here.

Every one of us has a list of automotive TV commercials that made such a strong impression the first time we saw them, they’re now in our memories forever. Whether the message moved you or made you laugh, whether you loved the vehicle or hated it, some ads simply outlast their eras, so well done that you could watch them over and over again. Here are 10 of our favorites, listed in no particular order.

(We’ll get out ahead of this one: This isn’t a list of the Greatest Car and Truck Commercials of All Time. Do you have a memorable ad that you think deserves recognition? Share it with us in the comments section below.)

2003 Honda Accord – The Cog

Ever seen one of those crazy videos in which one touch of a Domino starts a chain reaction of tumbling game pieces that is so intricate and imaginative that it blows your mind? This ad does the same thing using car parts from a 2003 Honda Accord. This automotive Rube Goldberg does it so well that you swear there is no way it’s real—particularly around the 25-second mark, when tires roll up hill. swears only actual video clips were used, but … Hmmmmm. Does it matter? Just stop thinking about it and enjoy the show. Again. “Isn’t it nice when something just … works?”

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