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March 2, 2021

It’s Never Too Late To Start!

After University, Eddie began a successful career in civil engineering and design, environmental safety, and construction.  He owned and operated his own business for many years, specializing in the construction of antenna towers on everything from tall buildings to mountain peaks.  Eddie professes no fear of heights and possesses a wise appreciation for training and quality safety gear.  While discussing his experience ascending tall antenna masts and climbing high atop water towers, Eddie noted the parallels with wheel-to-wheel competition and driving at speeds above 100 mph.  We easily agreed, it’s all about getting trained (driving schools) and using safety gear (full face helmet, HANS, fire suit, fire suppression system in a roll caged race car).

Eddie and Toni raised two children Heather and Matthew.  Unfortunately, in 2018, Eddie’s loving wife for 48 years passed away after fighting breast cancer for almost two decades.  Both of Eddie’s adult age children live nearby, neither have married, and he doesn’t yet have any grandchildren.

One of the passions Eddie and Toni shared was a love of driving Ford Mustangs, beginning with their first used car purchased together.  Eddie said, “It was a 1966 Mustang in forest green with a white convertible top, wire wheel covers, and 289 cubic inch V8 producing a whopping 271 bhp.”  Years later, after Toni completed breast cancer surgery and treatments, the couple bought a new 2008 Mustang GT.  It was also a convertible, specially equipped with the Warriors in Pink package.  “Both the ‘66 and ‘08 were special cars,” he explained, but then added his current daily driver, a 2019 Mustang GT, with the 6 speed manual transmission, 5.0 liter V8 engine, and performance package “is the best car ever!”

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