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February 25, 2021

It’s Our Birthday!

It's Our Birthday!

Imagine turning 77 years old, looking back on a great run, and then realizing that your best days are still ahead of you.

That is what we, the Sports Car Club of America, are celebrating today! An amazing 77 years ago, on a cold February 26th Saturday afternoon, this club was formed.

Talk about an earth-shattering day. We, for one, can’t decide which is the bigger event that celebrates a February 26 anniversary. Was it the founding of the SCCA, or was it in 1616 when Galileo was banned from the Church for teaching the view that the earth revolves around the sun? We’ll call it a tie.

Much like Galileo, the seven sports car enthusiasts who met at the Boston, Mass. home of Chapin Wallour to form a club dedicated to the preservation of sports cars were proven correct (and if you disagree with either of those statements, you’re spending time in the wrong corner of the internet).

We’re fully focused on the next 77 years, of course, but it’s a fun and historic look back. Our friends at RACER and the SCCA Archives took a deep dive a year ago, and obviously that still applies this year! Read more about the history of our Club – YOUR Club! – here.

– SCCA: 75 Years of Setting the Bar
– 75 years of SCCA: Day One
– 75 Years of SCCA: SCCA Goes Racing
– 75 Years of SCCA: Road racing domination
– 75 Years of SCCA: The Heart of the Club
– 75 Years of SCCA: The Modern Era

So SCCA members, here’s to you. We encourage you to take a moment today to (safely) celebrate our birthday. We wouldn’t be here without YOU!

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