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March 19, 2021

KONI Has a Shock-ing Development For Your Pickup Truck

KONI Has a Shock-ing Development For Your Pickup Truck

Our friends at KONI Shocks can improve your race, track and sports car. We all know this.

But have you thought about your pickup truck sitting outside in the driveway? KONI’s STR.T Light Truck (LT) Series product line with performance shock absorbers for half, three-quarter and one-ton pickups and related SUVs can make a noticeable difference in performance and comfort of your truck.

As racers, we often think of our trucks as work horses, and the “performance” aspect is simply “will it get my race car to the track and back.” But when you blend KONI’s unmatched experience with performance dampers with the rapidly growing KONI STR.T automotive product line, you end up with KONI performance on your light truck.

So really, the answer is to work smarter, not harder. Just like your track or autocross car, the STR.T LT Series adds reliable ride comfort when unloaded, but goes to work when it’s called for. You’ll notice improved control and handling when towing and hauling.

The Light Truck line is everything we expect from KONI. Twin tube low pressure nitrogen gas design is easier to install than mono-tube shocks. As always, it’s marked by KONI’s trademark high performance at a reasonable price, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

In short, whether you use your truck for daily driving, carrying loads, or towing to the track and back (and if you tow with your RV, KONI can help you there), KONI’s LT Series provides a performance edge over factory and replacement-grade dampers.

Whatever your work day, whatever your weekend – KONI has you covered. Because why shouldn’t you treat your wagon team as well as you treat your thoroughbred?

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