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August 11, 2022

Looking Forward: PittRace Time Trials National Tour – And So Much More

Looking Forward: PittRace Time Trials National Tour – And So Much More

It was an absolutely amazing event last year that deserves a repeat performance – so the Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour (TTNT) returns Aug. 27-28, 2022, to Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PittRace) for another two days of fun. And just like last year, the weekend in Wampum, PA, will be filled with a multitude of SCCA pursuits during the End of Summer Showcase Festival hosted by SCCA’s Steel Cities Region.

These upcoming days in Western Pennsylvania will certainly be a blast, so don’t delay, Time Trials devotees, and register today for the Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour at PittRace Powered by Hagerty.

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Bursting with SCCA Goodness

PittRace will be abuzz at the end of August with all the sounds of SCCA. Along with the Time Trials National Tour, there will be a Regional autocross, RoadRally, competition driver’s school, and SCCA Divisional road races that are part of the United States Touring Car Championship and Great Lakes Formula Continental Championship Series. Additionally, there will be a Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack on Friday, Aug. 26, at the venue.

Jon Krolewicz, SCCA’s Senior Manager of Track Events and Time Trials, said the same type of multiuse experience was held last year at PittRace as an experiment, and things went very, very well.

“Words fail to express how amazing that event was,” Krolewicz admitted. “It was incredible to see so many SCCA members at the same facility, at the same time, having a blast no matter the activity. It was a terrific opportunity for SCCA members to intermingle and have fun. So, we’re doing it again this year thanks to the passion and hard work of Steel Cities Region.”

Need more proof the Steel Cities End of Summer Showcase Festival is beyond belief? Just watch the video below from last year’s event.

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Plans for the Weekend

With nearly 430 acres at hand, PittRace has ample room – and plenty of paved surface – to facilitate multiple motorsport activities at once. For the Steel Cities End of Summer Showcase Festival, the 1.8-mile South Track with eight corners, and 1.6-mile North Track with a half-dozen turns, will be used simultaneously for various SCCA activities. PittRace’s six-acre skid pad will also be the playpen for autocrossers, and RoadRally participants will use PittRace as homebase for travels across curvy roads and timeless bridges that traverse Western Pennsylvania’s hilly terrain.

For TTNT entrants, the South Track will be used on Saturday for practice and TrackAttack sessions. On Saturday afternoon, the North Track will be utilized for the TrackSprint portion of the weekend. The day then concludes with practice sessions on the 2.78-mile, 19-turn Full Course before everyone meets for grub at the Hagerty Social Dinner Party open to everyone no matter the particular event in which they’re participating. And we do me everyone, as more people means more fun!

On Sunday, TTNT participants will have two different TrackAttack sessions on the Full Course before honors are handed out during the KONI Podium Celebration. For more information, click the button below.

Having visited PittRace twice before, there are TTNT lap records for the Full Course. Some of those times to shoot for include:
Tuner 2: Tom O’Gorman, 1:48.907 (2016 Chevrolet Camaro)
Max 1: Michael Laffey, 1:48.984 (2007 Chevrolet Corvette)
Unlimited 1: Jim McKamey, 1:49.491 (1998 Chevrolet Corvette)
Sport 1: Travis Lambert, 1:54.339 (2017 Chevrolet Camaro)

Event Info

Sign Up for More Fun

Now that you’re aware of the great lineup of SCCA activities happening at PittRace in late August, learn more or register for these events by clicking the links below.

This exciting experience is open to spectators, and entry to PittRace will be free that weekend. Also, think about supporting your Club by bringing friends, co-workers, family, or neighbors to the track and introduce them to the SCCA lifestyle. This is the perfect weekend to get others hooked.

If you can’t get to PittRace, you can still follow TTNT action online Saturday and Sunday at with Gregg Ginsberg calling the competition via the event’s live audio broadcast.

Photo by Michael Berchak

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