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May 12, 2020

Member Spotlight: Adam Benaway, More Than a Racer

Member Spotlight: Adam Benaway, More Than a Racer

Don’t call Adam Benaway a hero.

Of course, he is. Not in the “race car drivers are my hero” way that most of us grew up. In the truest sense of the word – the “enlisted in the army to protect our freedoms, deployed to Iraq twice and continues to serve even now despite injuries in the line of duty” way.

More that than, he’s taken his life experience and uses it to help others.

The three-time Solo Nationals champ donates time and energy to helping veterans through the Racing For Heroes foundation.

“The Racing For Heroes mission is ultimately veteran suicide prevention,” Benaway said. “However, we don’t do it just by raising awareness. We give them physical health, mental health, job employment, as well as our outreach, which we like to call motorsports therapy.”

Benaway attends outreach programs for veterans across the country. Many of those are racing related, giving veterans that adrenaline rush that many seek, and many involve other activities. The motorsports rounds aren’t just on-track – they also include off-road, atv rides and more.

“I have a passion for reaching out to other veterans,” Benaway said. “If there’s anyone out there that needs help or is looking to get involved, I highly encourage them to find a veteran organization, reach out, and contact them and offer them your services.” 

And remember, don’t call Adam Benaway a hero – to his face.

For more information or to help out Racing For Heroes, visit the website at

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