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August 15, 2022

Member’s Only: RACER Magazine’s Deal For You

Member’s Only: RACER Magazine’s Deal For You

Boasting some of the most in-depth and unique views into the world of motorsports, RACER magazine and have become the definitive places for coverage of professional racing. Be it race results or deep dives into the personalities and technologies that drive the sport, RACER has you covered.

While RACER has paved the way in the U.S. for quality editorial coverage of Formula 1, IndyCar, and sports car racing with world-class writing and photography, it’s also held true to its amateur racing roots. Born from the passion of SCCA members, RACER isn’t just one of SCCA’s longtime partners, the company has also published SportsCar magazine for the SCCA since 1984. RACER’s founder is even in the SCCA Hall of Fame.

Because of its belief in the Club, RACER is offering SCCA members a discount on its thick, glossy, premium publication, where Club members receive six issues of RACER magazine for the special price of $29.95 – that’s 44 percent off the cover price.

If you’re passionate about motorsports and want an insider’s perspective on racing’s intoxicating blend of people, emotion, speed, and tech, RACER magazine is the publication for you. With the Great Cars Issue, the Technology Issue, and Champions Issue readying to print, you’ll want to click here to subscribe today.

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