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June 5, 2017

Big Announcement from Nelson Ledges

Category: Club News

Author: admin

The news you’ve been waiting for from Nelson Ledges is finally here!

It may be June but it already feels like Christmas. We have the news you have been waiting for…

As you may already be aware, Nelson Ledges has cut huge pieces of affected areas on the track and replaced it with new asphalt. The track followed with some grinding on the new areas to make the surface less bumpy. Although there were several events with the new asphalt and the feedback was very positive, the new management felt it was time to make the big investment.

Nelson Ledges is getting a FULL repave.

We are extremely excited about this news. This long awaited “facelift” represents a new chapter for our beloved home track. We have made many memories on this track and with the new pavement; we are ready to make momentous, remarkable and unbelievable new memories.

The project will begin as soon as possible and will be ready for open track day event on June 16th & 17th by GANAR Driving Experience. We know you will want to register for this event to experience the new pavement. If you want to know more about the opportunities to get on the track, GANAR’s website has a complete list of dates. The track is also available for private rentals. GANAR will also be happy to help to coordinate corporate events and private rentals at the track. Visit their website @

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