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September 28, 2022

Neohio Region Championship Point Update!

Category: Club Racing

Author: Jennifer Dietz

With two races remaining, one at Mid-Ohio and the other at Nelson Ledges, the points to date for the Neohio Region Championship. 

Remember that Neohio drivers will get double points at the Halloween race hosted by Neohio and Mahoning Valley. 

Also, additional points for providing someone to volunteer for a Specialty at the Halloween race.

GT1 – GT2 – GT3 – AS – SPGT1Al Gaudino186
GT2Aaron Quine146
GT1Bill Pristas135
GT1Ryan McManus85
GT2William Moore78
GTAJohn McFarland50
GT2Andrew Mistak42
GT3Christian Cole36
ASSean Hinkle25
GT2Terry Gilles18
STL – STU – B-SpecB-SpecRob Piekarczyk145
STLMax Gee125
STUEric Fiest100
B-SpecDavid Zuber100
STLTex Melotti92
STLDan Harding86
STLChase McIntyre36
B-SpecRaymond Glover30
B-SpecTom Coury27
STLBob MacDonald17
FV – FF – F5 – FM – FS – FST – CFFFVBrian Farnham151
FFRob Dietz64
FVMark Farnham49
FVIan Hornish26
FFJim Dietz15
EP – FP – HP – GTL – SPU – LEG
FPJohn Gaydos100
HPCarl Goodwin84
FPDavid Strittmatter68
FPKen Alderson63
LEGRick Kozak50
GTLEvan Gaston50
HPWilliam Hornack46
HPJason Stine21
FA – FB – FC – FE, FE2, F1000FE2James Libecco194
FAReilly Harris96
FCJT Novosielski50
FCMak Defer13
ITA – ITB – ITC – IT7ITANicholas Boyeras156
ITCStephen Jacko147
ITCMatthew Jacko98
ITCJason Jacko96
ITCJon Schneider89
ITABill Snow56
IT7Bob Roberts42
ITCJustin Ingram-Paci30
ITATom Podmore18
ASR – P1 – P2P2Allen Franzolino150
P2David Harris39
SM (ALL CLASSES)SMJonathan Davis178
SMChase McIntyre172
SMRobert Kucera165
SMBob MacDonald155
SMBob Kucera70
SMMatthew Bican60
SMGordon (Chip) Kunkler50
SMRay Huang49
SMStewart Lovdal27
SMTom Podmore22
SMDan Harding18
SMTom Coury17
SMRay Foltz15
SRF – SRF3SRF3James Libecco273
SRFBill Hornack186
SRF3S. Sandy Satullo III135
SRF3David Lancaster84
SRF3Daniel Koplow70
SRF3Lee Spuhler64
SRF3George Lucas29
T1 – T2 – T3 – T4T1Sandy Satullo III95
T4Rick Kozak42
T1Larry Funk18

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