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April 23, 2021

New Additions To Hoosier Shop Manual Series

New Additions To Hoosier Shop Manual Series

Let’s acknowledge this: if you want to start in SCCA, we offer a lot of options. First, there’s the disciplines – autocross, track days, road racing, RallyCross – and then there’s the classes. But lots of options can make things easier, not harder. Especially if there is someone to guide you on your path.

That’s where our friends from Hoosier Racing Tire come in. Hoosier, the SCCA office, and you, the members, have combined forces to present the Hoosier Racing Tire Shop Manual series.

These are, simply, short videos that have “insiders” explaining what it might take to get involved, in a little bit of detail. From road racing classes to autocross classes to time trials, which is best for me, and what do I need to come be a part of it?

On the docket, for road racing: Prototype 1, Touring 1, Touring 3, Super Touring Under, Spec Miata, Spec Racer Ford Gen3 and E Production. From autocross: Street Touring Xtreme, F Prepared, G Street, C Modified. And from time trials: Max 1, Sport 1 and Unlimited 1.

So, if you know someone who isn’t sure how to get started, don’t let them get overwhelmed – point them to the Hoosier Shop Manual series here.

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