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January 24, 2020

New Class Released for SCCA Solo Competition

New Class Released for SCCA Solo Competition

Unveiled in a town hall of autocross event planners and participants at the SCCA Convention in January, the Xtreme Street (XS) category is the newest classing of cars eligible for SCCA Solo competition. The category will be divided into two classes – Xtreme Street A (XS-A) and Xtreme Street B (XS-B).

The category is essentially comprised for competitors who would like to compete with a modified car, on street tires, but under the current rules would fall within a more technical and more challenging rule set class. At its heart, XS is targeting street legal cars with modifications that move it beyond the Street categories of the traditional autocross class.

As an example, all cars must be licensed and insured to drive on public roads. Typical features such as lights, wipers and heaters must remain, and the car should have a “finished” look on its interior. While modifications from OEM parts are allowed and even encouraged, they should be replaced and not simply removed, with some exceptions spelled out in the full rule set.

Nearly any wheel is allowed, but allowable tires are those with a UTQG Treadwear Grade of 200 or higher. Minimum weights are outlined in the full rule set.

The XS category has been deemed a Supplemental Class for 2020 and is mainly aimed at Regional/Divisional competition initially. While it will appear as a class at Tire Rack SCCA National Tour and ProSolo regular season events this season, the supplemental class designation means that it will not be eligible for contingency awards, Super or Ladies Challenges, or ProSolo points.

A detailed rule set is available here.

Photo by Tradd Slayton

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