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April 22, 2021

Nominations Now Accepted For SCCA Hall of Fame Class of ’22

Nominations Now Accepted For SCCA Hall of Fame Class of '22

The SCCA Hall of Fame is a celebration of the greatest and brightest lights in the Sports Car Club of America, made even more special by the fact that each and every selected member has been nominated for a vote by an SCCA member.

Officially, the purpose of the SCCA® Hall of Fame is to preserve, protect and record the history and accomplishments of the Club for current and future members by recognizing those who have had a significant impact on the Club and the sport. This may be through service to the national organization, achievements in competition, advancement of the sport, or bringing recognition to the SCCA that inspires enthusiasts to seek out and become SCCA members. 

Past inductees include a hearty list of motorsports legends whose reach in many cases stretch well beyond the Club and into the rest of the sport.

The deadline for nominations for the class of 2022 is Tuesday, June 15. Nominations can be submitted through the form on the SCCA Hall of Fame page here. Included is a paper form which can be sent per the instructions on the same page.

Submissions should be more than just a resume. Ideally, those preparing submissions will paint a picture as to why their nominee should be considered. Include when the nominee joined SCCA, the nominee’s Region affiliation, and the offices held or competition accomplishments of the nominee.

Multiple independent nominations for a candidate will be gladly accepted. This is a chance for SCCA members to leave a permanent mark on our Club by being the one responsible for nominating a member for next year’s Hall of Fame class.

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