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June 30, 2021

Not Ready for E85, Try Sunoco EVO 10

Not Ready for E85, Try Sunoco EVO 10

When searching for racing parts online it is easy to find items that will help your engine generate more performance. Using certain fuels can also help in your horsepower pursuit. This performance potential is well known to those who have made the switch to E85. For the racer or performance enthusiast who would like to keep stock fuel system components in play but still gain power the answer is to try Sunoco EVO 10. EVO 10 brings high octane and high oxygen content to the unleaded fuel market and will safely work with modern technology. This fuel was specifically designed to allow performance engines to produce more power without making the switch to E85. In most cases bolt-on parts are only a piece of the puzzle to unlock more power from your engine. Engine tuning and fuel composition can play an integral role in providing reliable performance. Specialty fuels can be considered as a great way to increase performance. You must fill you fuel tank anyway so why not just use a different gasoline in order to unlock performance gains. Sunoco Race Fuels have developed many specialty fuels over the years that cater to different engine modifications.

A constantly changing segment for many performance enthusiasts is the handheld tuner market. Handheld tuners are widely available and can offer remarkably better performance and drivability. The handheld tuner technology is great for simplifying the process of tuning a vehicle for a specialty race fuel. Many tuners allow for custom maps with adjustable ignition timing and fuel volume. These devices make it easy to customize your performance right at home with your choice of fuel. Sunoco Race Fuels offers EVO 10 as the most extreme fuel that will work with stock fuel systems. EVO 10 brings 105 octane to allow for higher compression and higher boost levels while still being an unleaded fuel. This blend contains low amounts of ethanol and methanol which offer a cooling effect when changing from liquid to vapor phase. This cooling effect is a huge benefit when it can help cancel out some of the heat added by turbo or superchargers. EVO 10 will be beneficial in reducing intake air temperatures on port injected engines and reducing combustion chamber temperatures on direct injected engines.

EVO 10 will require about 6% more fuel volume than pump gas and tends to need less ignition timing because of a fast burn rate. This is the perfect fuel for street/track cars where better performance is desired for events like road course, autocross, drag racing and standing mile events. To learn more about EVO please visit or call 1-800-RACEGAS.

By: Zachary Santner
Technical Specialist
Sunoco Race Fuels

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