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August 17, 2022

One Day Flash Sale: Solo Nats Rolls Back Entry Fees

One Day Flash Sale: Solo Nats Rolls Back Entry Fees

We would call this a “Blue Light Special” if Kmart hadn’t trademarked the name in the 1980s – and since the 2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships is themed Back to the Eighties, we’re going to honor that potentially expired trademark and call today’s limited-time discounted entry fee for the 2022 Solo National Championships a flash sale. And what a sale it is!

Yesterday, the entry fee for the Sept. 6-9, 2022, Solo National Championships in Lincoln, NE, was $325, and tomorrow it will be that again. But for today only (Aug. 19), between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. CDT, the entry fee is rolling back to $195 (what the entry fee was between June 22 and Aug. 9). To claim today’s deal, your event registration must be completed before midnight Central Daylight Time on Aug. 19 (always, always, always check your clock is accurate).

This sale is very similar to a classic Blue Light Special, with just enough differences not to activate the lawyers. And we’re certainly not going to press our luck by saying we’ve got a deal, and we’ve got it good.

The caveat to this flash sale is that the Aug. 19-exclusive $195 pricing is nonrefundable. But who’d want to cancel their entry to the Solo National Championships anyway? After all, cancelling a trip to a 1980s-themed Solo Nationals would be most heinous.

Considering how great today’s deal is, perhaps we’ve actually entered Crazy Eddie territory – this entry fee cannot be undersold, will not be undersold, and we mean it!

No matter the name, today’s sale is one you shouldn’t pass up – so click the link below and we’ll see you in Lincoln!

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