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May 12, 2020

ProSolo Finale 2020 Eligibility Requirements Announced

ProSolo Finale 2020 Eligibility Requirements Announced

Sports Car Club of America® has announced revised requirements for those working towards participation in the 2020 Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo® Finale taking place September 4-6 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Eligibility modifications for 2020 are necessary as a result of disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in an imbalance of ProSolo events accessible to competitors in the Western United States.

Because of event inequity, points will not be awarded in 2020 to ProSolo participants for the sake of fairness and sportsmanship. All 2020 ProSolo events are now considered “stand alone,” meaning the ProSolo Finale will be an electrifying, tense, winner-take-all championship mimicking the Tire Rack Solo Nationals and SCCA National Championship Runoffs®.

With the elimination of points, ProSolo Finale eligibility and registration questions emerge. Organizers appreciate there is no “perfect” solution under these novel conditions, but hope the ProSolo community will recognize challenges, cooperate, and support the Club while working through unique adaptations this year.   

With that in mind, ProSolo Finale entries will again be conducted in a three-tiered manner to manage the registration process. An entry cap for the Finale will be announced at a later date, but prior to the opening of registration. Tier 1 — opening Wednesday, August 19 — will be for 2020 Super Challenge and Ladies Challenge winners, as well as 2020 Class winners. Organizers understand Tier 1 registration opens prior to the Tire Rack SCCA Lincoln Summer Nationals ProSolo, but winners from that event will have time to register for the Finale before the Tier 2 entry window opens.

Tier 2 — opening Wednesday, August 26 — can be accessed by those running a 2020 ProSolo event and the 2019 ProSolo Challenge winners, as well as the top-three 2019 JCJ Cup and Fletcher Cup finishers. Tier 3 — opening Monday, August 31 — will be open to anyone who participated in a 2019 ProSolo event. Starting with  Tier 2, online sign-up will be a “first register, first entered” endeavor until the event cap is reached.

The 2020 ProSolo event page at will soon be amended to reflect info in this announcement. Variations in the 2020 program are a “one off,” and organizers expect to return in 2021 to a regular points program.

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