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June 13, 2022

ProSolo Midseason Points – and More

ProSolo Midseason Points – and More

The 2022 Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Series is a smidge past the halfway mark of its 11-event “regular season” that leads to September’s Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Championship Finale, and so far, the year has brought much well-timed success.

Next up is the June 29-July 1, 2022, Tire Rack SCCA Bristol ProSolo taking place in Tennessee at Bristol Motor Speedway – which is already sold out! You can sign up to be on the wait list, or start planning for any of the other ProSolos taking place this season. But before things get rolling again, let’s take a look at the ProSolo points championship battles that have been developing since the first green light shined in February.

Championship Points Tally

At every ProSolo, competitors earn points toward various end-of-year accolades. A driver’s best two performances count toward their regular season points total, then additional points are added based on finishes at the ProSolo Finale in Lincoln.

JCJ Cup Standings
The Johnson-Clark Johnson Cup goes to the top ProSolo Super Challenge driver each year. Heading into the Tire Rack SCCA Bristol ProSolo, James Yom leads the field with 91 points thanks to two Super Challenge victories, one at the Tire Rack SCCA Fontana ProSolo and the other at the most recent Tire Rack SCCA Lincoln ProSolo.

Not far behind is G. Warren Hahn with 72 points earned during solid performances at the Tire Rack SCCA Florida ProSolo1 and Tire Rack SCCA South Texas ProSolo. Sitting third is Billy Davis with 64 points earned during the Tire Rack SCCA Charlotte ProSolo and Tire Rack SCCA New Jersey ProSolo. Only four points behind Davis is Darrin DiSimo, followed by several other drivers still in contention for the championship.

Fletcher Cup Battle
The Fletcher Cup, awarded to the top Ladies Challenge performer at year’s end, is hotly contested so far. Tied for first with 94 points are Annie Gill and Julie Woodbury. Gill was the Ladies Challenge runner-up at the Tire Rack SCCA Charlotte ProSolo and Tire Rack SCCA New Jersey ProSolo. Woodbury was runner-up at the Tire Rack SCCA South Texas ProSolo and won the Ladies Challenge at the Tire Rack SCCA Crows Landing ProSolo.

Only seven points behind Gill and Woodbury is Jennifer Bedell; Jordan Towns currently sits in fourth with 81 points. The 2019 Fletcher Cup winner Kate Fisher is also still in the hunt with 77 points to date.

A complete rundown of current points for both the Johnson-Clark Johnson Cup and Fletcher Cup can be viewed by clicking the button below.

ProSolo Points

Growing ProSolo With the Greenlight Fund

New for 2022 is the Howard Duncan ProSolo Greenlight Fund, which offers free entries to select, first-time ProSolo entrants. In some cases, SCCA Regions hosting ProSolo events are given the chance to nominate rookie entrants to receive fiscal support. At other times, recipients are chosen through random selection.

Sam Mayorga and Joseph Parsons were the first two autocrossers to receive help from the fund back in April at the Tire Rack SCCA Fontana ProSolo. There, Mayorga finished sixth in Street Touring™ Roadster, and Parsons earned a trophy by finishing fifth in a Bump Class.

Lisa Gnesa and Connie Lu got assistance from the fund at the Tire Rack SCCA Crows Landing ProSolo. There, both drivers competed in Ladies Class 2, with Gnesa finishing 10th and Lu seventh.

At the Tire Rack SCCA New Jersey ProSolo, Jeremy Eisen and Todd Rushing were the drivers who received support from the fund. Rushing took 10th place in the Street 5 class, and Eisen drove to sixth in C Street.

Most recently, at the Tire Rack SCCA Lincoln ProSolo, Kyle Greene and Aldo Flores were the fund recipients. Greene finished seventh in E Street, with Flores 17th in a stacked Solo Spec Coupe field.

Named for the SCCA Hall of Famer and SCCA staffer credited with growing the ProSolo program, the Howard Duncan ProSolo Greenlight Fund initiative is supported by the SCCA Foundation. An initial amount of $7,500 was generously provided by Brian Conners to establish this new program. Others can help support this project by visiting the SCCA Foundation website where donations can be earmarked for the Howard Duncan ProSolo Greenlight Fund.

ProSolo Class Leaders

The chase for ProSolo Class Championships is in full swing, too. Below is a quick look at the leaders so far. Each entry contains the car class: driver name and (points).

A Street: Kevin Wenzel (40)
B Street: Andrew Kessel (40)
CAM: Jeremy Foley (32)
C Street (tie): Vivek Goel (40), Will Teller (40)
E Street (tie): Dennis Hubbard (40), Eric Peterson (40)
G Street (tie): Darrin DiSimo (40), Michael Yanase (40)
Ladies Class 1: Nicole Wong (40)
Ladies Class 2: Julie Woodbury (26)
Ladies Class 3 (tie): Annie Gill (40), Kim Whitener (40)
Race Tire Index 1: Jeff Kiesel (40)
Race Tire Index 2: Robert Lewis (40)
Street 1 (tie): G. Warren Hahn (40), Steve O’Blenes (40)
Street 2 (tie): Adrian Cardenas (36), Steve Waters (36)
Street 3: James Yom (40)
Street 4 (tie): Aaron Shoe (36), Justin Tsang (36)
Street 5 (tie): Rich DiMarco (40), Mark Scroggs (40)
Solo Spec Coupe: Mason Herrick (40)
Street Touring™ Roadster: Billy Davis (40)
Street Touring™ Xtreme: Manfred Reysser (40)
Electric Vehicle Experimental: Matthew Grainger (32)

Photo by Chris Cervenka

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