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May 6, 2021

Racers360 Checks in on Portland International Raceway

Racers360 Checks in on Portland International Raceway

Who is ready for Portland International Raceway?  A short but challenging race track! 

To help get you ready for PIR our friends at Racers360 have created a great video that is a must watch.

This week, Racers360 pro-coach, Dion von Moltke walks us through how to tackle turns 1 and 2 at Portland International Raceway.  Spoiler alert! It’s all about entry speed through 1 and exit speed out of turn 2!

More than that, this video is an introduction to Racer360’s virtual premium platform, which offers recorded full-track talk throughs for less than $100 a year and one-on-one coaching for a very reasonable price.

Click play below to view!.

Click here for your free 7 day trial to the Racers Lounge and view a full track in-depth guide from Racers360 to VIR.

Racers360 is seriously passionate about helping drivers of all experience levels find speed and upgrade their driving skills. They brought together a team of world-class coaches that drivers can learn personally from no matter what your goals are, what your race, where you race, or when you are racing.

Simply upload your onboard video and /or data from any device and the Racers360 coaches that include IndyCar Drivers, Rolex at Daytona and Le Mans 24 Hour Winners, and more send you back a personalized in-depth coaching session for under $100! Visit to learn more.


Photo by Doug Berger

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