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March 15, 2022

Registration Opening for 1st Enduro Nat’l Tour

Registration Opening for 1st Enduro Nat'l Tour

It’s been a couple years now that Sports Car Club of America has been preparing for reentry into the realm of endurance racing on a national level. Discussions occurred, an Endurance Racing Board (ERB) established, rules devised, and a 2022 event schedule created.

At Nelson Ledges Road Course in Northeast Ohio, all the planning and development goes into action May 20-22 during the very first SCCA Enduro National Tour event. Team and driver registration for this memorable moment in the Club’s history opens this Thursday, March 17 at Noon, EDT. Entry is capped at just 40 cars/teams, so plan to reserve your spot quickly to ensure you don’t miss out.


Bang for Your Buck — Across Three Days

The event at Nelson Ledges begins Friday with optional test sessions, followed by practice and qualifying. Then, Saturday and Sunday will each host an eight-hour race around the two-mile course consisting of seven major turns. That’s two separate races during the weekend, and everyone gets LOTS of time on the quick, flowing and recently resurfaced track.

Saturday evening will feature an All-Participant Party with plenty of food and drink. Admission to the shindig is included in the entry fee and, of course, it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to meet some new people and do some bench racing.


More Friends, More Fun … Less Expense

SCCA’s Enduro National Tour is built on a “team” concept where “the more, the merrier” philosophy applies to both “bang for your buck” and having fun with other members (and cars).

The entry fee is a flat $1,475 for each single-car team, and each team must have a minimum of three drivers — but there’s no cap. That means that you can bring as many teammates as you want, share the 16 hours of race time as you wish, and split that flat-fee cost to make things easier on everybody’s bank account. If you want some extra track time, those optional test sessions on Friday are just an additional $285.


Competition vehicles must meet SCCA Enduro eligibility. Enduro National Tour drivers need an SCCA Full Competition or an SCCA Enduro License (Rookie, Provisional or Driver) to participate, and experienced racers from other organizations are welcome. And because the Enduro National Tour is aimed at lowering barriers and introducing new people to road racing, Intermediate Track Night in America, track day, or Time Trials participants may be eligible. You can find more details on licensing, car classing, technical and safety rules and sporting regs here on the SCCA website.

Making (More) Enduro History at Nelson Ledges

Constructed in 1958 on a rural potato farm in Garrettsville, Ohio, Nelson Ledges Road Course had no design plan, no million-dollar study, and didn’t involve contracts with architects, engineers or planners. Two men — Marvin Drucker and John McGill — had a bulldozer and a goal to build a racetrack. And so, they did just that.

In the late ‘70s, those involved with the track had the idea to hold an endurance race just for SCCA Showroom Stock vehicles. In 1980, the concept came to life with “The Longest Day of Nelson.” For the next 16 years, driving aces such as Hurley Haywood, John Heinricy, Andy Pilgrim, John and Jeff Andretti, Janet Guthrie and Danny Sullivan turned laps in the dark at Nelson Ledges. The track has also been driven by celebrity racers including Tom Cruise, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

For 60 years, Nelson Ledges Road Course has been making history. The circuit will do it again May 20-22 when SCCA’s Enduro National Tour hosts its maiden event with help from SCCA’s Neohio Region. Not driving, but don’t want to miss out on the action at this historic event?


Photo by Jon Krolewicz / SCCA Staff

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