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June 29, 2021

Renew Your Membership And Save!

Renew Your Membership And Save!

There are a long list of benefits to being an SCCA member, but among the most immediate is the packet of coupons that comes annually with your membership card!

When we say coupons, we don’t mean the weekly mailer that jams up your mailbox with 25 cents off of this, or 50 cents off of that at a store you never go to anyway. We mean real, money saving cash on things you need (look, we’ll tell your significant other you need them. Let’s not squabble over definitions).

The actual coupons may rotate throughout the year as partners come and go, but the current crop is impressive and representative of what you’ll find each and every year you renew.

So how much money are we talking? That’s really up to you.

Here’s one example: I want to go to Track Night in America, where I can use an included coupon from Tire Rack and get $25 off my registration. I had fun, but I could have had more fun. My other coupons will help me 1) buy a new Mazda with S-Plan pricing, 2) make a few upgrades with 10 percent off parts from Summit Racing, 3) get up to $75 off of a Braille Battery to reduce the weight, 4) swap brake pads with $20 off from Hawk Performance, and 5) change that pesky break-in oil with $10 off from Valvoline.

But Track Night was just a taste, and now I want to get better! The same coupon package helped me get a free baseplate when I purchased my Apex unit from Apex Pro. I used my free three months from iRacing to get quicker, and started winning races. Now, after using coupons to subscribe to RACER and Grassroots Motorsports Magazines, I’m reading about myself in there!

Every time one of my new fans comes up to me to ask for an autograph, they compliment me on my SCCA or KONI swag. “Where did you get that great shirt,” they say. “I got it at SCCA Gear, but if you become an SCCA Member, you’ll get a coupon for $10 off!,” I tell them.

Could life get any better? No, it could not, you say to your picture-perfect family.

TL, DR: You can’t afford NOT to renew your membership!



Photo by Gregory Pfaff

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