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April 18, 2020

Runoffs Binge Watch 2: The Older Stuff

Runoffs Binge Watch 2: The Older Stuff

Recently, the article “Runoffs Binge Watch: Top 10 Memorable Runoffs of The Past 10 Years” was posted to It featured some of the 10 most entertaining Runoffs® race videos, from 2009 to 2019, that can be called up on demand at

Of course, social media chimed in with input that included, “why did you leave out my race” or “you got the order wrong” and “designer sunglasses 50 percent off.” (Note: That last one was probably spam, but we’ll let you know after the sunglasses we ordered arrive.) Generally, however, race fans cooped up at home liked being reminded that all SCCA® National Championship Runoffs® races from the last decade are available to watch online at whenever they want.

So, for fun, we’ve pulled together a new “Runoffs Binge Watch 2: The Older Stuff” list to satiate shut-ins or stoke the flames on social media. To be clear, this isn’t a “top” list. This is simply what we found on YouTube with a little digging. It’s not a complete or “best” list by any means, just videos that are fun to watch and recall a portion of SCCA’s past.

Without further ado, here ya go …

1970 Formula Vee & Formula Ford Runoffs

This nicely produced and edited piece, narrated by Jim Nettleton, is a super-duper slice of late ‘60s nostalgia. Be sure to watch the end credits for another grin or two. Our only question: When did we stop using black & white “referee” uniforms? And why?! 

1971 SCCA National Championships

ESPN’s “Speed World” presented by the great Dave Despain! Need we say more? No, we don’t. Just watch it.

1978 SCCA National Championship

This wonderfully produced video includes some SCCA greats. Sam Posey as “narrator,” Paul Newman as “dashing dude in car,” and Jim Fitzgerald as “guy on phone.” Don’t judge, just watch. (Note: Long, blank screen at beginning, but video is running. Just give it a few seconds.)

1980 SCCA Runoffs

David Hobbs on the race call makes it kind of sound just like Formula One! This video gives a rundown of several 1980 Runoffs winners, but a chunk of time is dedicated to the Sports 2000 National Championship race. Still, very fun to watch.

1983 Runoffs at Road Atlanta

Ever been at a family gathering when someone breaks out the old home movies? You sit there, bored, watching people you don’t recognize until being informed that onscreen image is your grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncle, mom/dad.  “Wait, what?” you ask. “No, it’s not! Those young people are cool, fun and attractive!” Well, we got a five-part series — and many hours of home video — to share from the 1983 Runoffs at Road Atlanta. It’s “raw’ home video footage, and there are a lot of “cameos.”

1988 Runoffs

Produced video presentation of the Silver Anniversary Runoffs!? The 25th year of Runoffs action? Sure, we’ll watch that — especially since there’s a little SCCA history to open the presentation.

1990 SCCA National Championships

Note the substantial difference between musical scoring from the ‘70s to the ‘90s when it comes to Runoffs video. This 60-minute coverage of the ‘90 SCCA National Championship is pretty comprehensive, and again includes some names we all know. It’s also fun to hear the squeals of Showroom Stock tires.

1992 SCCA National Championships

Prime Network? Was that a thing? Apparently, because here’s video of Joe Washington and Jack Baldwin presenting the 1992 Runoffs from Road Atlanta.

2005 SCCA Runoffs Mid-Ohio

Why are there only Runoffs videos from Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta on YouTube, you ask? We don’t know, go ask YouTube. In the meantime, here’s a music video from the ’05 Runoffs at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

We all look forward to getting back on track, having #funwithcars and creating new memories in 2020 at the SCCA® National Championship Runoffs® taking place October 3-11 at beautiful Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

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