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December 7, 2020

Runoffs Qualification Criteria Set for ‘21

Runoffs Qualification Criteria Set for ‘21

The Sports Car Club of America Board of Directors has approved qualifying criteria for drivers wishing to compete at the 2021 SCCA National Championship Runoffs next Sept. 25-Oct. 3 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With some slight modifications, the criteria are similar to what was used for the 2019 Runoffs. And the 26 car classes slated to compete in 2021 are the same as last year at Road America.

In 2021, Runoffs qualification can be achieved through the U.S. Majors Tour or Hoosier Super Tour programs where drivers must participate in a minimum of three separate event weekends and finish a minimum of three individual races in the same class. Participation is defined as turning a wheel on track in an official session (practice, qualifying, warm-up, race) and appearing in an event’s official race results. A finish is defined as completing at least half the laps of the overall race winner. Racers may again substitute one U.S. Majors weekend in 2021 with participation in two SCCA Regional event weekends. However, drivers must still finish a minimum of three individual U.S. Majors races in the same class even with this substitution option.

A Divisional Championship path to the Runoffs remains an option in 2021. Using this path, racers must first participate in the same class for a minimum of four weekends within a single Divisional Championship. Also, Divisional competitors must finish in the top three positions within that class’ divisional point standings, except for Spec Miata and Spec Racer Ford Gen3 where the top five will be invited to the Runoffs. And of course, defending national champions may enter the Runoffs in the class or classes being defended, without meeting any of the previously noted criteria. But this provision may not be invoked two consecutive years in the same class by an individual even if he/she repeats as national champion.

Last but not least, those competing in select SCCA Pro Racing classes, as outlined in GCR 3.7.4.A.1.a, may substitute participation in up to two U.S. Majors weekends with SCCA Pro Racing weekends.

Deanna Flanagan, SCCA Director of Road Racing, said a full race season is anticipated in the coming year. Therefore, a paid U.S. Majors substitute entry option, as was deployed in 2020, is not currently deemed necessary. But that option will be reviewed as the 2021 season moves forward. Additionally, Flanagan recognized there was a performance criteria approved for the 2020 season, but the decision was made to suspend that criteria element through 2021 to better serve SCCA members who faced a tumultuous 2020 and may still be experiencing various struggles in the coming year.

“As we crafted Runoffs qualification criteria for 2021, we considered that all our members were impacted in 2020 at varying levels in their personal and professional lives,” Flanagan said. “One of the purposes for the Runoffs is to serve as a gathering for the SCCA ‘tribe,’ and we certainly want that to be the case at Indianapolis Motor Speedway next year. With the 2021 Runoffs qualification criteria, we tried to strike a compromise that serves both individual racers and our SCCA regions that conduct events.”

A helpful diagram further outlining 2021 Runoffs qualification criteria can be found here.

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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