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January 4, 2023

SCCA Convention: 5 Reasons To Attend (Plus Free Stuff)

SCCA Convention: 5 Reasons To Attend (Plus Free Stuff)

The 2023 virtual SCCA National Convention is just over a week away – and it’s something you shouldn’t miss. In fact, we’re so convinced that this is a must-attend event that we’re sweetening the pot by giving out a pair of incredible prizes to two Convention attendees.

Taking place Jan. 19-27, the 2023 virtual SCCA National Convention is completely and utterly free to attend, and because it takes place online, it’s wherever you are! You can attend this year’s SCCA National Convention in the comfort of your home, office, backyard, or wherever your computer, phone, or tablet can absorb an internet signal. There, Convention sessions ranging from keynote speakers to how-tos to “office hours” gatherings will take place. This year’s theme is “Engage,” meaning there will be ample opportunities to listen, speak, and be heard, giving you the power to improve the already fantastic events you help host in your Region.

Plus, if you register soon, you could win awesome free stuff!

A Chance To Win Free Stuff

Those who register for this year’s virtual SCCA National Convention by 11:59 p.m. CST on Monday, Jan. 16, and attend at least one session during the Jan. 19-27 event, will have their names placed in an equally virtual hat. Two members will then be chosen for one trip each to the SCCA Prize Closet. What’s in the Prize Closet? The list contains everything from Hawk brakes to Braille batteries, Summit Racing Equipment canopies, coolers from Hagerty, iRacing memberships, and more!

Need more convincing? Read on for five reasons that you need to reserve Jan. 19-27, 2023, for the SCCA National Convention.

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1. Exciting Town Halls

This year’s town hall and program direction sessions are excellent opportunities to meet the Board members and leaders of your motorsport of choice. Be it SCCA Road Racing, RoadRally, RallyCross, autocross, Time Trials, SCCA Staff managing those departments, or more, there are opportunities to hear – and in many cases chat with – those who help your sport thrive.

The opening weekend of the SCCA National Convention is chock full of these kinds of sessions to get you up to speed. They are also a fantastic opportunity to be a fly on the wall for other competition types – there’s a lot autocrossers and Club racers can learn from the RallyCross or Time Trials programs, and vice versa.

Many of these sessions will allow questions from attendees, be it through chat or taking to the virtual stage, so these sessions are fantastic places to let your voice be heard.

2. Brilliant Keynote Speakers

IMSA President John Doonan is no stranger to the SCCA. A 30-year member of the Club, Doonan often voices his appreciation for the Sports Car Club of America – and as the President of IMSA, he’s worked to build a partnership that benefits SCCA’s membership and IMSA. Doonan is also no stranger to the SCCA National Convention, often participating in sessions – something that will take place once again this year. Offering insight as both a Club member and a motorsports leader, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Harry Sherrard might not be a name you know now, but it will be once you’ve attended his keynote discussion at the 2023 Convention. A British historian and Goodwood instructor, Sherrard will take you through time with the progression of the famous Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed. From the estate’s founding in 1697 to World War II, motorsports at the venue from 1948-’66, and the event’s rebirth in 1998, Sherrard’s session will not only educate you on the incredible legend that we call Goodwood, but also explain why SCCA’s formative years were primed for the growth we enjoy today.

Dennis Dean is a member who has done it all. From being an SCCA and Formula One race steward to being inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame in 2017, Dean has an insight into motorsports few will ever achieve. Join “Inside the SCCA” podcast host Brian Bielanski for a keynote discussion with Dean and SCCA’s Vice President of Road Racing Eric Prill about motorsports both within the United States and beyond, and how we can build racing programs that encourage clean, competitive racing.

Furthermore, Matt Busby, General Manager at Thunderhill Raceway Park, will take to the stage with SCCA’s Senior Director of Rally/Solo and Experiential Programs Heyward Wagner to discuss success strategies for SCCA events at racetracks, including how Regions can successfully engage multiuse facilities.

3. SCCA’s Legends: SCCA Hall of Fame and Awards

The SCCA National Convention hits the track running, clicking straight into fifth gear with the Annual Meeting being held on Thursday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m. CST, followed by the SCCA Road Racing awards at 8 p.m. CST.

At 5:30 p.m. CST on Friday, Jan. 20, the Convention’s event kickoff will take place, followed by the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony plus Member of Excellence and Woolf Barnato presentations at 7 p.m. CST.

We’ve already revealed who will be inducted into the 2023 SCCA Hall of Fame, but if you want to enjoy the acceptance speeches as well as discover who will claim the Member of Excellence and Woolf Barnato honors, you’ll need to log in.

4. Continuing Education

The saying is that you never stop learning – that statement couldn’t be any more true than it is at the SCCA National Convention. With nearly 80 sessions taking place over the course of just one week, there are nonstop opportunities to learn something new.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Maybe hosting SCCA Autocross events is your specialty, but it could be that there’s something to learn from SCCA Road Racing or RallyCross sessions on the same topic. The fact is, while the type of motorsport varies, attracting participants to events might be more similar than you ever knew. The same holds true for learning about timing tricks, setup secrets, insurance inquiries, and more.

5. Make Friends – and Engage

A virtual SCCA National Convention doesn’t mean you can’t mingle. Many Convention sessions involve opportunities to ask questions as well as absorb knowledge from other members.

Much of what you’ll learn from the SCCA National Convention doesn’t necessarily come from the session hosts – think of them instead of as facilitators to the hive mind that is the SCCA Membership.

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Illustration by Alexandra Koch

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