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October 24, 2022

SCCA Enduro: Continuing the Program’s Evolution

SCCA Enduro: Continuing the Program’s Evolution

When the Sports Car Club of America launched its National SCCA Enduro initiative in 2021, the Club was eyeing a National Championship event early in 2022 followed by an Enduro National Tour traversing the country. As the year commenced, the decision was made to postpone the single championship event and instead concentrate on the development of SCCA Enduro’s ruleset, targeting a robust enduro vehicle classing structure and flexible driver licensing system. That work came to fruition in May 2022 when the SCCA Enduro National Tour took the green flag at Nelson Ledges Road Course. While the event proved the concept, difficult decisions had to be made, and the remainder of the season’s Enduro National Tour was cancelled.

Still, that’s not the end of the story, as the SCCA Enduro program has continued to evolve, developing a solid foundation for Regional SCCA endurance racing programs.

Flexible Ruleset

The SCCA Enduro team has been evolving the ruleset to be as inclusive as possible, while also offering a flexible and fair playing field for competitors wishing to endurance race with the SCCA. Among other things, the rules now allow for GCR and Regional classes to run alongside vehicles utilizing the National SCCA Enduro ruleset.

SCCA’s Senior Manager of Regional Track Program Development Jon Krolewicz was tasked with developing aspects of the National SCCA Enduro ruleset, and is now the chairman of the Enduro Racing Board. Using the inclusive, driver-first model utilized in the SCCA Time Trials National Tour program, Krolewicz helped construct the National SCCA Enduro rule structure that is available for Regions to utilize and build upon.

“Endurance racing is something that is near and dear to many motorsports enthusiasts, so it was vital that the National SCCA Enduro ruleset offer ease of access from both a vehicle and licensing standpoint,” Krolewicz explains. “What was created for the National SCCA Enduro program is a classing structure that is as simple as inputting a vehicle’s basic specs into a spreadsheet. This classification system allows for quick vehicle classing and minimal technical inspections to be made once the race concludes. Also, the rules now encourage those with existing GCR-legal race cars to compete alongside SCCA Enduro classes.

“Furthermore, drivers looking to gain wheel-to-wheel racing experience can take a different path with the National SCCA Enduro program. Thanks to this, enthusiasts can begin their journey with SCCA Track Events, Time Trials, autocross, or something similar, then go road racing with SCCA Enduro.”

The latest SCCA Enduro Technical and Safety rules offer SCCA Regions a turnkey SCCA Enduro ruleset that is as robust as it is flexible, allowing Regions to launch or grow their local endurance racing offerings.

 SCCA Enduro Technical & Safety Specifications

A Solid Foundation

“The end goal of SCCA Enduro remains unchanged, and that is to develop a program that is scalable and can be deployed by our racing Regions coast-to-coast and border-to-border to engage both new and experienced racers in a team wheel-to-wheel racing experience,” notes SCCA Vice President of Road Racing Eric Prill. “Ultimately, the program needs to serve our members and the racing community from someone’s rookie experience to a championship level and everywhere in between. We will take the knowledge gained to this point – the things that our participants shared with us as having worked and also knowing where we fell short – and focus our efforts on working directly with Regions to develop a solid program base.”

A Regional-first path for the SCCA Enduro program is one that makes sense, adds Steve Strickland, SCCA Area 12 Director and Endurance Racing Board member. “I think this is a healthy path forward because of the options and approach it provides,” he says. “One thing we’ve learned is it’s hard to swoop in and do a full event when you’re building from the bottom up. This new approach allows us to build partnerships with Regions, combine resources, and use the core product we have to provide opportunities for new drivers, older cars, and have extra track time. Then, if appropriate, we can build up to a tour and championship.”

The revised technical rules can be found here, while more information about the National SCCA Enduro program can be found here.

Regions looking to develop or enhance their endurance racing program, which includes incorporating some, or all, of the National SCCA Enduro ruleset, are encouraged to contact Krolewicz at

Photo by Jeff Loewe

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